✧Nightcore – Love Me Harder {Switching Vocals} (lyrics)

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Thank you so much for listening! ♡

Lyrics in video√
Nightcored by me√
➥Song: Love Me Harder
➥Original artist: Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd
➥Cover/remix by: Andie Case

→Anime/Visual novel: Imouto no Okage de Motesugite Yabai
→Picture: https://kryotekx-ryuuji.deviantart.com/art/Anime-couple-kissing-1-417735464
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40 thoughts on “✧Nightcore – Love Me Harder {Switching Vocals} (lyrics)

  1. Lukewho'shere schreef:

    There singing while kissing…

  2. Emmalynn Keo schreef:

    breaks Replay botton Me: Damn it I like this song soooo much i broke the replay botton great

  3. Otonashi Yuzuru schreef:

    I wish I have a romantic life like you guys have

  4. timmy boy schreef:

    Tomato love me harder ?

  5. aulie Sy schreef:

    Hi Wolfie…… I luv ur vids they're awsome and cool….. i have some suggestions (idk the spelling):

    Hymm for the weekend
    Look what you made me do
    Buy you a drank
    Kids again
    Sweater wheater
    ……. pls read dis comment and i hope you do one of these songs……. thx and luv u!!!!!???

  6. Iiiiimmmmm iiiiinnnn looooooovvvveeeee!!??

  7. Lúñär Lïght schreef:

    I used to think this was so innocent, until I read the lyrics and realized it's about sex

  8. Demi Giles schreef:


  9. "You gotta love me harder"
    Me: wow selfish much??

  10. Mysterygirl 87 schreef:

    here is a replay button : 0:01 , btw i ship it 100% and good job.

  11. MrAsura Kun schreef:

    Woow nice song and also the pic…

  12. Ocean Angel 123 schreef:

    IM IN LOVEZ. I have played it over and over ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Me: if u wanna keep me then u gotta love me harder

    Me: if u really need me then u gotta love me harder

    Bf: kk pulls me closer and pulls me on him

    Me: not like that ?

  14. Subscribe channel support yourself with. Thanks

  15. Rodney Reid schreef:

    Katelyn x Travis aka Travlyn ???

  16. Uh, wolfie. So I looked up this visual novel. And the genres are a bit weird I should say… ohh yea. Kids dont read that one, your 2 young. (Not that I did XD)

  17. Panda Hugs schreef:


  18. PFFFFT- Did he remark on his size!? He makes it feel like the first time!? Hah ha! XD

  19. Eve Fuller schreef:

    At fist l thought she was the girl from Amnesia

  20. Team ashley schreef:

    Does anyone else see that at 1:23 it says moaning lol

  21. This is awesome cuz its one of many songs that get stuck in my head

  22. I can't love you harder. Bcos I love you the hardest I can be.

  23. Is it my dirty mind… Or this song is tooo straight forward hardcore

  24. Mei Tachibana schreef:

    lov ? Letter

    Meh nevermind bye-bye?
    have great day ???

    keeep scrolling down

    okay nevermind keep goin

    i dont know why im doin this gatta go?


    well then byeeee???




  25. Raka Bimantara schreef:

    guys what is this anime name? i want watch this anime

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