【Nightcore】→ Bye Bye Bye (Cover) || Lyrics

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✔ NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye (Our Last Night cover ft. Cody Carson of Set It Off)
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Blood Lad
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50 thoughts on “【Nightcore】→ Bye Bye Bye (Cover) || Lyrics

  1. Misami Alice schreef:

    STAZ!!! I love that pic?and ur nightcore make it more perfect!?

  2. Dutch Nightcore schreef:

    Yep, i'm gonna download this one!
    Because it is soooooo amazing!!!

  3. Mystic Arts schreef:

    It looks like Akira Kurusu and Ryuji Sakamoto put together. XDDD

  4. Rubie schreef:

    My friend: don't leave meeee
    Me: muhahhhaha

  5. Laura sakura schreef:

    Clicked cause I saw mc from blood lad XD and the Song is pretty good XD? edit: i❤dis now?

  6. Fairy Tale schreef:

    Bye bye bye

    the replay button, I broke it

  7. Haley Clark schreef:

    Who also clicked for staz?

  8. Haley Clark schreef:

    I love blood lad!! ^°^

  9. Katelynn Lagers schreef:

    I luv old music ??♥️?❤️?

  10. quang tinh schreef:

    1 Like and sub for you ruby-chwan :3

  11. Skeptical Life schreef:

    The beginning sounded like the progressive ad

  12. The Ghoul schreef:

    I love this picture ^~^

  13. Melanie Fultz schreef:

    Boi one of my favorite songs, nightcore, and Staz from Blood Lad. Dreams accomplished ^__^

  14. Monika Bucinova schreef:


  15. Assassin GameR schreef:

    Anyone watched anime blood lad

  16. you must think i'm crazy but when i died i want that song for my enterrement

  17. Who wishes there were more blood lad episodes

  18. Galaxywolf Girl schreef:

    I'm new to this channel and awesome video??if make them in nightcore i add some new song
    ●Song Request● (a long list)sorry
    ●Stick together by Elias Naslin
    ●Marching on by krewella
    ●Melodies of Life from final fantasy 15
    ●Paradise by Elias Naslin
    ●What do lovers do by maroon 5
    ●Hey ma by pitbull and j balvin ft camila cabello
    ●If only by dove cameron
    ●You don't know by katelyn tarver
    ●Beside you by phildel
    ●Little girl by faith marie
    ●To my parents by anna clendening
    ●Faster car – loving caliber feat. anders lystell & michael stenmark
    ●Will be forgetting this by elias naslin
    ●Be with you by mondays feat lucy
    ●Me enamore by shakira
    If can do them.
    ●Anti gravity by runaground
    ●Destiny by neffex
    ●Talk to me by bahjat
    ●Outrunning karma by alec benjamin
    ●Carnival hearts by kayla
    ●Battle cry by imagine dragons
    ●Believer by imagine dragons.
    ●Ready for it by taylor swift
    ●Failure by neffex
    ●Circles by yusukekira
    ●Primadonna girl by marina and the diamonds
    ●Oh no by marina and the diamonds
    ●beggin on your knees by victoria justice
    ●Reason why by nastasia
    ●Elysium by mendum nocopyrightssounds
    ●stuck like glue by sugerland
    ●Battlefield by
    ●the gost by niviro
    ●patchwork staccato by jubyphonic
    ●lose it by oh wonder
    ●you're gonna miss this by trace adkins
    ●Bad apple by alstroemeria records in english plz
    ●la tortura by shakira
    ● mayores by becky g

  19. Debra Davis schreef:

    Good job ruby chan love your nightcore

  20. Flubber53972 schreef:


  21. Slushymoo gaming schreef:

    omg this song is good it matches with everything

  22. Shadow Hawk schreef:

    This is awesome it's kinda the truth for me kinda sad

  23. Anya Smith schreef:

    Can you do Warriors by Imagine Dragons please?

  24. Darja Polakova schreef:

    I wanna watch that anime now. ^^
    Nice song btw!

  25. BlackJack 334 schreef:

    I forgot how good this song was

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