【Nightcore】→ I’m Gonna Show You Crazy || Lyrics

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✔ I’m Gonna Show You Crazy – Bebe Rexha
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【Nightcore】→ I’m Gonna Show You Crazy || Lyrics

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  1. I am just like this. Since i was 9 i quit fake smiling and i just laughed and smiled i came to school with blood on my Hands they called me phyco all i could do was, "Smile" im tired of being normal i cant be fixed and i love it. Ill show you crazy~ maniac? Crazy? Psychopath?? Idc bc it feels so good…to say fuck you and punch someone and feel the sensations it feels like ur blood is on fire and all you want to do is keep punching until they scream or you see blood and there knocked out. Call me a monster i dare you. Bc we all know you love it to…i just broke before you..~

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