10 Reasons To Love Min Yoongi [ENG/RUS/ESP SUB]

The xx – Say Something Loving (Official Music Video)
maart 7, 2017
NieR: Automata OST-The Weight of the World ENG Lyrics
maart 9, 2017
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WARNING THIS VIDEO MAKES PROPLE CRY. I’ve taken the warning out of the title because I feel it looks like clickbait, but if you don’t believe me please look at the comments, everyone is crying. So don’t hate me. Please ?

DO NOT REPOST THIS IN PART OR FULL ANYWHERE. No, saying ‘credit to the owner’ does not count. I’m very grateful if you want to share the video, but most places allow YouTube embedding or at the very least you can post a link. There isn’t a reason to reupload and it would upset me a lot if you did after I spent weeks working on this.

Community translations have been switched on if you would like to contribute subtitles to this video in your language. I’m currently working on a Korean translation so K-ARMY can watch too (and you never know, even Yoongi…) but if someone else gets there first that would be great because my Korean is far from perfect ㅠㅠ Please comment if you provide a translation into any language so I can thank you personally as it’s a very generous thing to do xxx

As lots of people are asking, I use Final Cut Pro as my main editing software, but I also use Motion and After Effects to make custom titles and effects (although I’m not sure if I used After Effects in this one… Definitely Motion though.)

Intro (and throughout): 8 bit Save Me – thedrakeleeshow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v4eKiLq11E
0:11 Cypher Part 3 [Killer] – BTS
0:18 (and throughout this segment): 올챙이와 개구리-재재, 미미 (Korean Tadpole Song)
0:24 Cypher Part 2 [Triptych] – BTS
0:36 Give It To Me – Agust D [If you’re a Yoongi fan and you haven’t listened to his Agust D mixtape yet – WHAT ARE YOU DOING WATCHING THIS VIDEO? GO AND LISTEN TO IT NOW)
0:59 비슷해 Day By Day (Instrumental) – High4
1:31 I Will Always Love You – JonTronShow (from a YT video)
2:05 Fading Starlight – Annyeong Bada
2:31 Mad World – John’s Edge (vine)
2:38 Toy Soldier – Britney Spears
3:56 Nyan Cat song
4:33 And I’m Here – Kim Kyunghee (slowed)
6:22 Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) – My Chemical Romance
7:23 Nevermind – BTS
7:32 The Last – Agust D
7:40 Ether – Silent Partner
8:37 I – Taeyeon (instrumental)

– Listed on a Tumblr page due to the character limit in YouTube descriptions): http://btsukarmyunite.tumblr.com/10ReasonsToLoveMinYoongiClips You can also find them listed in the pinned comment .

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I love Min Yoongi a lot. I’m sure this video makes it clear. He’s my UB and has helped me more than I can say. He’ll never see this and even if he didn’t he wouldn’t understand it, but happy birthday Yoongi 🙂