2Pac – California Love [Original Version]

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Catapulté aux sommets en formant un duo de choc avec Dr.Dre sur l’emblématique “California Love”, 2Pac est plus que jamais la figure du hip hop la plus idolâtrée



44 thoughts on “2Pac – California Love [Original Version]

  1. тупак легенда
    тупак легенда

  2. Welcome to the West Side part of the coast. Monterey, CA-2010-2015. San Diego, CA – 2015 – Present.

  3. Jasoncostello77 schreef:

    “We in the sunshine state” Dre thats Florida…

  4. Rafael Sarges schreef:

    Alguem do Brasil aqui??

  5. CommissarKozlov schreef:

    Back when California was cool and not full of purple haired sissies.

  6. So maravellós……I like the sweet funk……….

  7. Xander Colvin schreef:

    Will always be an original
    R.I.P Tupac Shakur

  8. Azelia Tinsley schreef:

    RIP Tupac you was the best rapper of all times and RIP DR DRE

  9. Johnny Rutz schreef:

    uff this track made me travel to Cali in 99 Wild West

  10. Cailon Moshiri schreef:

    More of a Biggie fan, but damn.. Pac was somethin.

  11. Cailon Moshiri schreef:

    Yall know they actually found out who killed Pac? Surprisingly, but still questionable enough, it wasn't Suge!

  12. oliverrando schreef:


  13. George Goussis schreef:

    Song is so overreacted prob when of Tupac’s worse songs

  14. Gavin Bertram schreef:

    4K dislike this song wtf?

  15. MuzzySkeleton schreef:

    A true legend, Machievelli the great lyrical philosopher
    May your music never die!

  16. Ezra King schreef:

    2pac is the legal of raper

  17. Isaac Garza schreef:

    Dr.Dre 2Pac Roger troutmnan

  18. GTA 5 had gin & juice by snoop D,O,G,G,

  19. nik mxforever schreef:

    Tupac baddest mutha fucka ever

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