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47 thoughts on “4U – Blackbear (Lyrics) | Flighthouse

  1. Flighthouse schreef:

    What's your favorite emoji?

  2. Suhana Angel schreef:

    Flight house I love u ❤️❤️

  3. Zlenderman 13 schreef:

    Wow now you uploaded my 4 fav Songs von blackbear ?thank you so much for uploading this awesome Musik ?

  4. Jaida Egan schreef:

    can you make slime videos please

  5. - schreef:

    pls make I miss the old u – blackbear or make daddy proud – blackbear

  6. Olga Rodriguez schreef:

    I'm the sixteenth comment cool c: Nice song this is BOOTIFUL can you make more songs by blackbear? or did you already do mostly all of his songs?

  7. JUJU ILYSSM schreef:

    I'm the 20 TBH plz like oh and I love <3

  8. betty hernandez schreef:

    If u r reading this have a fun day

    OMG thx 4 liking my comments guys and u 2 Flighthouse iv tried so hard 4 this have a fun day Everyone

  9. My musically is @_francheska__ / two underscores at the end ♥️

  10. It's Grace schreef:

    My musically username is graclyn21 so pls follow mw

  11. I liked and told my username on musically because thats what the caption said! Also I LOVE YOUR MUSIC ???

  12. my musically is @peytønłee_16 please check it out thank you

  13. Nicole Zheng schreef:

    @løwkey.nicole is my musically username. I love your sound account so much :))

  14. Ryleigh Boyer schreef:

    I love you so much flighthouse! I'm so happy you posted this song! My musically is @Ryleigh5111

  15. My musically is @lesle…torres

  16. Faye Yarger schreef:

    My musically is @faye.yô.bäe 🙂

  17. Vivienne Noble schreef:

    My musical.ly. is @viviennenoble and I have a drawing/art account @viviennenobleart

  18. Shania kay schreef:

    Hi Flighthouse my Musical.ly is shania.A.kay or if you can't find it I changed it to shania.kay

  19. Zoey Dominguez schreef:

    My musical.ly name is zokeybugz
    I saw flighthouse's musical.ly so I commented my name

    (Btw I have a private account so I have to approve.)

  20. Zowi Noah schreef:

    xxursavagefriendxx -i have cringy musicallys

  21. Chelsea Martina schreef:

    Please do Magic by B.o.B.❣️

  22. My musicallys is @_calsie986_

  23. Queen Infinity schreef:

    Who Else Came Here Because If Musically??

  24. Anne Huntley schreef:

    Do a panic! at the disco song

  25. Blessing Onsin schreef:

    Can you its everynight sis by ricegum?

  26. haifa ahmed schreef:

    payphone by maroon 5 plz

  27. jpbrancacio schreef:

    weak when ur around pls

  28. Nejla Gušo schreef:

    My musically name is @negusch ?

  29. @awesomesong123, @its.becca_bby, @bestes_4_life_

  30. Nea Lindqvist schreef:

    Instagram @Nea_lindqvist f4f

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