8.Mozart’s Requiem-Lacrimosa (lyrics+translation)

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Lacrimosa (III. Sequentia) from Mozart’s Requiem with Latin lyrics and English translation and my drawing.
Slovak philharmonic orchestra and choir
The translations are not mine, they come from CD booklet + some translations found on the internet.




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  1. Was Süssmayr a plagiarist?I am a romantic and like to believe in Constanze and the mysterious messenger commissioning what Mozarts perceived as his own funeral dirge!Constanze claimed immortal love for Lil composer yet refused to cough up the six pence for Amadeus to have a grave!No one knows where he lies!No place to lay flowers for the tortured Mozart!

  2. The year hryzunik uploaded this (2007) was the year I lost papa… I found the video now a decade later (2017) through Evanescence's beautiful Lacrymosa version… Mozart's music is so beautiful, though I love Evanescence's more, because I don't fancy classical music that much… & if God exists, S/He would never send you or me or anyone to anything called Hell, because it simply doesn't exist, only the Universe/God exists…

  3. Mozart died before making any serious work on this. What you are hearing is his student, who completed the requiem for Mozart posthumously to complete an order from a wealthy patron

  4. "It is painful to be separated from that which you love beyond all things, and the only way to maintain this separation is to malign that which you love, to give it an evil intent and then to engender guilt within yourself. To feel and accept the power of God, evil and guilt must leave you. You must venture forth to explore that which is most natural. It is like breaking new ground and coming home all at once." From the book of inner knowing "Steps to Knowledge" Step 41

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