Adam Lambert – “Ghost Town” [Official Lyric Video]

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42 thoughts on “Adam Lambert – “Ghost Town” [Official Lyric Video]

  1. BugiiFleex schreef:

    Pozdro dla Snaxa 🙂

  2. hey I LOVE NEKOS schreef:

    disaffected? did someone wipe his friends with Clorox wipes

  3. Lucky Queen schreef:

    50000 People used to live here… Now it's a ghost town.

  4. great song by adam lambert

  5. Fajny ktosiek schreef:

    This song is perfect to shuffle dance????

  6. marcos vinicius schreef:

    Meu Deus como o tempo passa rápido , isso as vezes me deixa triste.

  7. Jose Abarca schreef:

    alguien mas lleguo aqui por un video de internet on crack?

  8. Snirkel JA schreef:

    Gran obra de arte… Wow

  9. chawncho Estavez schreef:

    close your eyes and picture yourself alone in a Galaxy while this song plays…

  10. Chelo Martir schreef:

    my Hart is a gost town

  11. Kylie Symington schreef:

    i hope i never get sick of this song, none of my friends know it but i luv it! i wanted to kill ma friends when they said they hated it…

  12. Light9 schreef:

    my mom said if i dont turn down my music than she will slam my face into the keyboard! i dont beleive hejwegfh,rhjkfhrftrgmjeryhfgwer,jfyerf geervdfsv

  13. Gijsraaf schreef:

    My fafrite number wow

  14. Geoff Longford schreef:

    Miley Cyrus Recking ball.

  15. Kyrsten Lamb schreef:

    That totally pisses me off. just because he is a homosexual doesn't mean that he isn't an amazing singer?????

  16. SCORPION ROKIT schreef:

    adam Lambert is sucks :-):-):-D:-):-):-):-):-) is:-P

  17. Hey….Lokup the "GATES"…..

  18. Jacob Myers schreef:

    Are you really Adam Lambert or is it just the name of your account?

  19. OliwierowskY schreef:


  20. Patricio Barros schreef:

    Gostei da parte a city of vampires. Que música mais gostosa de se ouvir pensar as mil reflexões e alucinações contidas numa única música com sua batida estupenda.

  21. adam matłok schreef:

    Best music to listen to

  22. Jane Doe schreef:

    so perfect song !!!!!

  23. CadenWolf151 schreef:

    My heart is England city

  24. Venomous Gas schreef:

    i find it funny he only got 395 subs i mean he deserves more

  25. Mehbub green schreef:

    "Tonight Elvis is dead and everyone's spread
    Love is a satire."
    Fuck!! Its a pure poetry.
    Fuck u all.. I don't care.
    I just love it. Great song. Music ..Damn good. fuckers get fucked or whatever just don't start again here.

  26. Jued Bani Hani schreef:

    I love this song and your voice bye.

  27. Red King schreef:

    This screams dying light

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