Adam Zwig – Everybody Love (Official Music Video)

admin Entertainment 50 Comments “Everybody Love” official music video by Adam Zwig. Please spread the love by sharing this video with #everybodylove in your post. Thank you for the support so far! Everybody Love!!
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Copyright Adam Zwig 2013
Combustible Music / BMI
Conscious Records LLC
Album: Visions Of The Shimmering Night
Directed by Garrett Gibbons




Comments 50

  1. Shared it in my fb with caption "to all of humanity in 2022"

    This song is paralleled by no one except John's Imagine or All you need is love. Lolz

    Very nice. Faith in humanity restored.

  2. You are an amazing person! We need more people like you all over the world,dude.
    This was an add to one of the videos I wanted to watch and I just dropped everything to come give it a like.
    Keep it up! Great song,great video,great message. ❤️

  3. I do not think i have heard a bad tune from Adam and the band.This is the first time i have seen a video from them and i think it is cool.

  4. In this music video, the expression "Actions speak louder than words." Really holds true. The world should take more time to find out what connects us, rather than what divides us. Powerful message and imagery.

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