23 thoughts on “ADELE – ‘Make You Feel My Love’

  1. blackjack 01 schreef:

    don't they want to move this video to adele's vevo channel like other artists did??

  2. Juniyah B. schreef:


  3. DANA DUA schreef:

    Isong tihs song Everyday

  4. LovingAtlanta schreef:

    ?I just want to be okay ?

  5. LovingAtlanta schreef:

    ?I just want to be enough ?

  6. John Johnson schreef:

    Rod Stewart's 'I Was Only Joking' ripped off big time.

  7. Chaos schreef:

    Whos here from Bones?

  8. Đức Lê schreef:

    i should have made you feel my love dad

  9. All Might schreef:

    Ici grâce a Oscar Pill Tome 4 lol

  10. duc huy Pham schreef:

    Listening to this on a winter day makes things just so much more depressing

  11. I tried saying sorry to my friend bc i left him but he told me things will never be the same. This song is exactly how i feel for him. Have you ever regretted something so bad that you would do anything to just turn back time and fix your mistakes. Here i am crying and there's nothing i can do to fix it the damage is already done.

  12. Michael Demoines schreef:

    Love this had a woman try to make me feel her love it was not love only her trying to get what she wanted what a learning experience this turned out to be what is love to you to me it's loving myself so I can love others more for starters love Michael if you don't love yourself you can't love others. So get started today thank you love michael

  13. Kid Kat schreef:

    her voice is just so amazing… so much souls in her voice….love her so much???

  14. luis gutierrez schreef:

    damn, her voice is raw, it's fucking raw

  15. QueenMim!yta schreef:

    She and Garth Brooks killed it. This song is timeless. “ to make you feel my love…..”

  16. Sebi McMahon schreef:

    Adele ?????
    2018 See?
    Wonderful Voice i love all song's

  17. Tyler Duganiero schreef:

    WHO’s WATCHING IN 2018!?!?

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