36 thoughts on “Afroman Colt 45 lyrics

  1. I love songs that tell a story.

  2. Shane Wingo schreef:


  3. NAME schreef:

    I used to get high to this song

  4. Justin Oser schreef:

    i listen to this for confidence

  5. Kelsie Hicks schreef:

    I feel like everyone is born knowing the words to this song

  6. Lark Druid schreef:

    Weird Al needs to use this song to make a parody of trump called "dolt 45"

  7. Who watching this in 2037? ??

  8. Bob Ryder schreef:

    I sang the whole song at my school and people thought I made it up because I knew every word?

  9. Marven Domagala schreef:


    This song is so wrong but fun to sing.

  10. Raven Drakearud schreef:

    "We can sell tapes from here to Hong-Kong." That line dates this to before I was before

  11. lastra 430 schreef:

    wooh…good morning Ladies. <3

  12. This is the funniest shit I've ever heard ??

  13. bhad bitch schreef:

    Boy everyone in my class loves this song and me and a couple of freinds went and got high the othe day

  14. No Why schreef:

    This is what happens when you do 1 marijuana.

  15. MaceoSatanic schreef:

    It's true I heard this song when I was in like 8th grade and I still have not forgotten every single word the lyrics are like imprinted in everyone's head who's heard it

  16. Harley Quinn schreef:

    Everyone asking if we are born knowing the lyrics, the first time I ever heard the song I already knew all the lyrics

  17. Daddy schreef:

    Anyone notice the rappers delight parody at the end?

  18. Austin Brase schreef:

    I hated this song this guy he is a mother fucker

  19. Sprite Master schreef:

    Eating Caribbean intensifies

  20. Josh Marcelino schreef:

    I'm here from Filthy Frank

  21. Jonny Boii schreef:

    This shit slaapsssss since day 1

  22. Royal Tee Comedy schreef:

    This song is amazing, why am I just hearing this?

  23. Lol best song colt 45 and 2 zigzag s is all we need?

  24. Ashley Stockton schreef:

    yall quit cussing plz I am young ok peeps I like this song

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