Alice Cooper “Paranormal” Official Lyric video

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Leading up to the release of Alice Cooper’s upcoming studio album in two weeks, the legendary shock rocker reveals the album’s title track today.

The song is now available as instant grat as part of the album preorder and on all streaming services:

►2CD: http://smarturl.it/AC_Paranormal_CD
►2LP: http://smarturl.it/AC_Paranormal_LP
►Box Set: http://smarturl.it/AC_Paranormal_Box
►iTunes: http://smarturl.it/AC_Paranormal_iTunes

The album “Paranormal” is going to be released on July 28th, 2017 on earMUSIC worldwide.

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  1. So…I've listened to this many times over the past several days. I like it, and it does have a very interesting structure. I didn't know until this past week that Larry Mullen Jr drummed on 9 songs off of the album. He's always had a sense for writing drum parts that fit the song. As something of a U2 fangirl who's loved them since getting copies of Under a Blood Red Sky and The Unforgettable Fire and listening to them constantly when I was in elementary school (before the release of The Joshua Tree in 1987), I've really enjoyed his drumming. This song in particular, in my mind, shows him at his most inspired. I think Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin made a good choice, even though to a lot of people it was unexpected. I think this and Fireball are my favorites from Alice's new release thus far.

  2. HOW DO I SAY SOMETHING TO VINCENT DIRECT TO HIS FACE???You have secured your place in musical history, even when you had your rough times you always came back with a vengeance and created a legacy of music – I even loved your "misunderstood" albums. The world needed a comical ghoulish madman and I think you know that – God certainly has a sense of humour! Like all your fans, you have always lurked in the shadows of my life since I was a wee fella and man, I am grateful! As I have gone through school and into my adulthood it is always great to hear a new album following closely behind me. I am 42 now and the older I get the more I realise how great this man's talent/spirit/humour really is. I have my favourites and I put him up there with Elvis Presley, Frankie Laine, The Doors, The Beatles etc. And he is such a nice down to earth guy too. I used to think he should release some bonus tracks as Vincent Furnier which illustrate more his true Christian viewpoints but there are enough messages scattered across his discography now so he probably doesn't really need to (Temptation, Dragontown, Brutal Planet). I shall stop gushing now. I wish Ozzy Osbourne would get to a point where he was intelligent enough, after all these years, to come to some conclusions about life and the meaning of it all (Sorry Alice, you are not being compared!)

  3. I like this new one. I've always thought Alice Cooper was underrated. He's always been among my favorites having seen him live four times. The last time was New Years Eve 1989 in Toronto. I've always ranked him right up near the top with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin etc.

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