Alphaville – Forever Young lyrics

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From Alphavilles debut album Forever Young (1984)

Brilliant piano cover by Kyle Landry, without a doubt one of the best musicians on Youtube: – You should subscribe to him, he’s awesome 🙂

100.000 views: 24. May 2009.
500.000 views: 10. February 2010.
1.000.000 views: 23. April 2010.
2.000.000 views: 07. July 2010.
5,000,000 views: 16. February 2011.



31 thoughts on “Alphaville – Forever Young lyrics

  1. Lennyy15 schreef:

    I loves it! And shout out to the uploader for telling people to 'shut the fuck up and enjoy.'

  2. mrskamran schreef:

    Love this, thanks for sharing!

  3. Why is there no replay button 🙁

  4. AK K schreef:

    dragon ball gt :'(

  5. JPMartinez0 schreef:

    greek finale with this song made me cry…

  6. Apokarimon schreef:

    Fucking love it! *_*

  7. mcircle1 schreef:

    i always think of my grandpa and the day he died because of cancer and i sang this song and i will always remember it
    this is also the perfect fit for him : i love you pop pop:

  8. rclikes2go schreef:

    Just wanna throw my hands in the air and live forever!

  9. farlis92 schreef:

    I remember one of my good friends introducing me to this song when we were 14 (now 20). We jammed hard we felt the song. My friend passed away 2 years, this song really touches a soft spot for me. R.I.P. Phil cya in another life bud 🙂

  10. Rob mah schreef:

    forever young only reached 98 on uk chart in 1984…unbeliveable

  11. k schreef:

    i love this song it reminds me of my friend who is 14 died yesterday in a wreck ;( R.I.P. Tanner

  12. Meteddica schreef:

    The reason the world sucks in 2011 is because all the planet's awesomeness was used up in this album.

  13. @FurryGir Yeah sorry about that, but HD wasn't supported by YouTube when I uploaded this.

  14. @9999sotis Well, technically speaking, one day you won't wake up at all.

  15. stefhenhaires schreef:

    One of the best songs about nuclear war ever.

  16. devon raines schreef:

    lmao they used this song for my grad

  17. A Joke schreef:

    What a great song 🙂

  18. MsiSkater schreef:

    My graduation song this year :DD 2011 Going for freshman year barely. . . Our second song is Waka Waka…WTF ?

  19. joe chiva schreef:

    this song was suppossed to be our grad dance walkout ;]

  20. thevitutus schreef:

    The song of my youth.

  21. 22latino schreef:

    I love the song and totally get the message but…

    to me, this song will always remind me of my buddy who passed away.

  22. @eriknilsson16 This video has over 6 million views. If I simply uploaded a new one, how many views do you think I'd get? Hint: It'd be less that a thousand in 1 year.

  23. Brandon Hoang schreef:

    @themightychickens So you're doing this for views? Shame.

  24. @BrandonRHoang Why would I upload something nobody would ever watch? I mean, come on now…

  25. @55jubjub Protip: Don't turn on the radio.

  26. Eli Ervin schreef:

    "Hoping for the best but expecting the worse." That line, that one line, says so much.

  27. samerjam101 schreef:

    this song reminds me of all the loved ones ive lost and all the time i spent with them. and all the time i lost with them

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