Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game

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The estate of Amy Winehouse is donating the record royalties it receives from the sale of this box set to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Music video by Amy Winehouse performing Love Is A Losing Game. (C) 2006 Universal Island Records Ltd. A Universal Music Company.



41 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game

  1. one of the best songs ever written

  2. Ahmed Tohamy schreef:

    Amy,,, The unforgetable,R.I.P

  3. Amy Lover schreef:

    My love….
    This is a heartbreaking song……

  4. Paul Booth schreef:

    The best tune she did I think but I love em all she's still in my heart and others no doubt this song brings me to tears

  5. Amber Parker schreef:

    So sad ? so fragile…RIP sweet Amy

  6. Cana schreef:

    Did Amy herself publish these videos? They look homemade.

  7. Still hurts that a talent so big like her, there is no more with us…

  8. Jeffrey Spradley schreef:

    Is there anyone here in the comments that knows about the 27 club?

  9. David Kasta schreef:

    Thanks for your work Amy, 10/10

  10. Geovana Almeida schreef:

    Manaaa vamos nos mais amar!! Da próxima quem sabe!❤?

  11. tracey yeoman schreef:

    The real love was in you Amy, you never found it here, despite your enormous gift you were given, fitting in was in the lesson, prehaps your finding it where you are now.

  12. Luz Carrera schreef:

    fue mas de lo que pudiste soportar

  13. Chiaraakabonnie schreef:

    Hi guys, go watch my cover of back to black by Amy Winehouse ?

  14. Ha una faccia da diavolo nel minuto 33 secondo, ma la sua voce è una favola

  15. KaPowProduction schreef:

    We didn't appreciate greatness until it's gone.

  16. Dolly O'Connell schreef:

    Pure beauty, easily the most talented female artist of the 21st century. She has set the standard pretty high.

  17. Jelon Randle schreef:

    This was the first song I heard when she passed. Still can’t listen to it all the way ??

  18. Shizam schreef:

    Watch the amazing documentary Amy. Reveals so much of her sad story. Her father has a lot to answer for. But, tragic as the inspiration for this song is, it is utterly beautiful. Miss her unique voice, fabulous personality and gorgeous songs.

  19. Gabriel Cattus schreef:

    Em exatamente no ano de 2007 conheci Amy, muito antes de partir. Ao primeiro ouvir e ao comprar um DVD na disco me encantei ainda mais. Conheci através de outro ícone do qual tem esse timbre tão amável, Duffy.
    Me pergunto porquê só depois que muitos cantores sem tanto reconhecimento morrem que boa parte das pessoas valorizam. Me inspiro e transpiro até hoje, o tempo pode passar e as pessoas esquecerem…
    Essa era e ainda é uma das minhas canções favoritas (não conhecidas por muitos)
    Love Is a Losing Game…

    Que falta você faz, Amy!♥?

  20. Mariam Ahmed schreef:

    Everytime i listen to this song it really hits me this talented women is gone her voice her look was perfect…rip angel.

  21. R.I.P to the most amazing woman in the world?

  22. Antonio Losito schreef:

    Il mondo piangerà sempre la tua scomparsa…

  23. Fabio Dall'Ara schreef:

    r. i.p amy i love you❤

  24. So sad that you've lost at another game and you left too soon from this life.

  25. Darth Angrake schreef:

    2000 people who don´t know about good music…

  26. Denisse Cossío schreef:

    I miss her so much and her music always accompanies me in my sadest hours uu'

  27. Triste e lindo. Chorei muito quando ela faleceu, estava numa fase estranha na vida e no amor. Mas lembro que achava que ela ia superar e que estava melhor. Vícios, amores viciantes e falta de foco são uma m. Love u amy.

  28. Sandy H. schreef:

    I'm so sad today 🙁

  29. Zor08 Din schreef:

    Amy why you had to leave..such a Beautiful soul..

  30. Andrew Smrt schreef:

    I m in love with her ?….she is amazing?

  31. Takaya in Action schreef:

    Super video! We recently liked and subscribed to your channel. I was hoping you would do the same. Dont miss my latest video. 3-Year-Old Ask Mom and Dad Who Fart While Putting Together Barney and Friends Puzzle

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