Avicii – Waiting For Love (Lyric Video)

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Watch more videos from Avicii here: https://avicii.lnk.to/BestOfAviciiYD
Spotify http://po.st/WaitingforLove
iTunes http://Avicii.lnk.to/WaitingForLove

At Night Studios Presents
Avicii – Waiting For Love (Lyric Video)
Director: Jesper Eriksson
Producer: Helen Tang
Creative Director: Charlie Sells
Director of Animation: Matthieu Colombel / Blackmeal
Animators: Guillaume Singeline, Andrea Sania, Janos Szabo, Alexander Geifman, Mélanie Gohin, Paulin Girard / Blackmeal
Production company: Jelly London



47 thoughts on “Avicii – Waiting For Love (Lyric Video)

  1. how this is have 11k dislikes?!

  2. Anastasia Barnes schreef:

    Dogs are trully a mans best friend

  3. Anastasia Barnes schreef:

    a dog is part of your life but you to them are there whole life

  4. I cry with this video sombady else?

  5. • brendaaa • schreef:

    I said it wouldn't cry….

  6. Ultra Nightcore schreef:

    so that's why pet owners should never treat their pets like crap because they won't forget how you treat them

  7. Ultra Nightcore schreef:

    dogs are man's best friend

  8. Сейчас бы расплакаться… Какую же он все таки пишет музыку ???????

  9. Kaiso_ Killer schreef:

    Who hear this song in 2017 like !!!??

  10. Sanela Kunić schreef:

    DIS MADE ME CRY??????????

  11. Kiwi Bird schreef:


  12. Sims girl schreef:

    Tuesday I was through with hoping

  13. Matt Costelloe schreef:

    Who was crying after this like if you did ?

  14. paulo henrique schreef:

    gente do br sera que foi so eu que chorei com a animação?

  15. Even not watching this video makes you wanna cry

  16. enien3inco schreef:

    It made me cry a couple years ago and I come back to see if I still do and I still cry.im such a pussy

  17. Sama Alnassiry schreef:

    This song leaves me in such a mix of sad and happy 🙁

  18. Snwmdsm Eidkwke schreef:


    I got a new pet

  19. cande comic schreef:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW my fav song

  20. Lauren Kil schreef:

    I had to leave my sweet dog for over half a year one time. All because Puerto Rico didn't allow pit bulls.?

  21. Pablo Chuquimia schreef:

    Que hermoso video….. Lo mejor

  22. SCP-173 schreef:

    Who's watching on 57 / 14 / 2473 in galaxy GHT-2748 on Kepler-4793-1-Y?

  23. SilverDusk980 schreef:

    Monday Left me Broken

    Tuesday I was through with hoping

    Wednesday my empty arms were open

    Thursday waiting for love,waiting for love

    Thank the stars it's Friday

    I'm burning like a fire gone wild on Saturday

    Guess I won't be coming to church on Sunday

    I'll be waiting for love,waiting for love

  24. Angelo Bellina schreef:

    Think the stars its firday

  25. Dalia Gallegos schreef:

    This hit my feelings bad I remember when my dog passed…

  26. Nightly Forever schreef:

    Thursday, waiting for Friday. Waiting for Friday.

  27. Nicolas Puig schreef:


  28. Nicolas Puig schreef:


  29. None Uk schreef:

    собаки лучше людей….

  30. Anthony Lovera schreef:

    Listening to it at maximun volume on 14/09/2017

  31. Veroxeon schreef:

    damn dat dog live long

  32. Ah Chong schreef:

    Avicii, the only 21st century singer with 0% sexuality, 0% curse words, 100% lyrics with hope.

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