Beck – Wow (Lyric Video)

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New single “Wow” available now:
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Direction by Jimmy Turrell
Art Direction by Jimmy Turrell & Braulio Amado
Animation (+Additional art) by Antonio Vincentini

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(C) 2016 Fonograf Records Under Exclusive License To Capitol Records, LLC



23 thoughts on “Beck – Wow (Lyric Video)

  1. Lavender August schreef:

    When the lyric video has more views than the actual video

  2. MetalBoots schreef:

    Fuck you all and your dumbass car ad replies. Bunch of fags.

  3. Michael Tejeda schreef:

    Now watch this with negativity on

  4. Pat R. schreef:

    The vevo ad brought me here

  5. Karl souchard schreef:

    I love you music I listent that evridays congratulations men

  6. SHOTGUNH2O reyes schreef:

    wow this is awesome just wow

  7. Carys Isaacs schreef:

    I'm here from David Dobrik's video

  8. Luna Mia schreef:

    Amazing hidden messages love it he's really smart

  9. cyberianrave schreef:

    ew normies crawling out of the woodwork thanks to an advert

  10. Riley Knight schreef:

    I loved all of his old stuff so much more. He has really lost touch with his roots. He recorded Mellow Gold for 270 dollars while he was living in a shed, and had a job operating a leaf blower. Now that he's got money, he's trying to act like freaking Kanye. His inspiration has dried up, precisely because he no longer lives in the seedy part of LA, with his Warhol Superstar mom, and doesn't play for the bums on the public transit. He has started trying to conform, because he is obviously unsatisfied with his success as a quirky artist. It started happening with Morning Phase, and the have progressively gotten more mainstream and cookie cutter. I'm mourning the fact that I will probably never have another album by "the old Beck".

  11. Prodigy schreef:

    I came here from a vevo ad

  12. Fatty Daddy schreef:

    I came here from a vevo commercial anyone else?

  13. Kevin Ryan schreef:

    Owen Wilson, we need you

  14. FireHawk Gaming schreef:

    Who else is here from the youtube commercial about the youtube red and just thought this was an amazing beat

  15. Drippy mxracle schreef:

    You have to listen to it closely to understand the lyrics

  16. Des Turner schreef:

    wtf are you sure this is beck

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