Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande – Where Is The Love (One Love Manchester)

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Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande perform Where Is The Love at One Love Manchester.

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50 thoughts on “Black Eyed Peas and Ariana Grande – Where Is The Love (One Love Manchester)

  1. Azri Azhari schreef:

    Not a fan of Ariana, but damn she sounds amazing here!

  2. Joe Passarel schreef:

    Fergie é Fergie ne amores … ficou sem graça

  3. velvetic schreef:

    this makes my heart melt

  4. Bill Jones schreef:

    Both arianna and the other man singing the chorus both had great voices but they didnt sound well together

  5. Media Online HD schreef:

    5:50 Yess Honey, I LOVE U TOO :*

  6. Tee schreef:

    Such a powerful song!!! Aargh the goosebumps

  7. imweird schreef:

    ariana your doing amazing sweetie

  8. I'll never understand the dislikes button on content like this.

  9. "where the big fuck CIA",,,

  10. Jam Shooter schreef:

    Yung kwentas ni Apl de ap talaga eh. ? #Philippines

  11. poshgirl schreef:

    Proud filipino APL he's wearing a filipino symbol necklace

  12. Jay Scott schreef:

    R.I.P to everyone involved in the attack

  13. Emily Rivera schreef:

    He forgot to say this at the beginning of the video the big c.i.a

  14. Caroline Maycock schreef:

    Remember when Ariana grande was white

  15. The Gamer schreef:

    Personally I think it sounds better with Ariana Grande

  16. Victoria Ponce schreef:

    Hey, where's the love ❤️?

  17. Stephen Sparham schreef:

    Loved watching this on TV, was so proud to be manc! <3 My mum has 3 month to live: Terminal Cancer (She won't see Christmas Docs Said) and i was hoping people may be able to help. Would be appreciated: thank you <3 anything at all will help. Please share if you can. I really need help ::/

  18. Sophie Bimbhra schreef:

    This video and song <3 Better than the original in my opinion its just so complete. <3

  19. Ikra schreef:

    So much goosebumps

  20. RL Beauty101 schreef:

    Actually gives me goosebumps, i stand with love and Ariana

  21. Zahra Addal schreef:

    Beatiful is all I can say!! ? This made me tear up….

  22. Mogos Alex schreef:

    what happened with the "In the USA the big CIA" ??? :)))…nice performance ….

  23. Apl so proud to be filipino, look at that necklace <3

  24. Shooter 007 schreef:

    Ariana macht einen guten Job. Hut ab.

  25. ErinVlogs schreef:

    Whoever disliked this need love in their life. And this song is exactly what happens now in this world. Everyone just needs love

  26. Bingout schreef:

    The Best Song On YouTube!

  27. Mavis schreef:

    I'm curious, why is Fergie not with them? Did something happened before?

  28. Glo o63 breezy schreef:

    Black eyes peas is the best music group ever

  29. อยากมีความรัก

  30. Dav Foth schreef:

    Where did the cia go

  31. Queen Rebel schreef:

    This actully makes me happy we need this <3

  32. Flarexeria schreef:

    Our little angels rest in peace <3 <3 <3

  33. Dominik Jacobs schreef:

    What's with the censored lyrics???

  34. aptwo schreef:

    Why are all the british females all look like Adele?

  35. Nathan Wiginton schreef:

    #MANCHESTER I want to go to Manchester… think it'd be really good if I went, Hope everyone's OK now.

  36. ross duncan schreef:

    This is why the uk will never divide, this is why England is a strong nation is because of the people and the respect we have for each other.

  37. Selina M schreef:


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