17 thoughts on “Blood On My Hands – The Used (lyrics)

  1. LoveisCold AJ schreef:

    I love this song. I believe I broke the replay button<3

  2. TheWorldMayEnd schreef:

    You did a really good job on this lyric video. Its timed well and the way you put the blood splatter over the word blood added a bit to the video without going overboard.

  3. Melanie Giggles schreef:

    this is the best lyric video that I've come across in years

  4. This song makes me think of Attack on Titan. And it fits so well for that.

  5. Alexandre Prates schreef:

    666 likes? é o capiroto dando like kkkkkk

  6. for some reason this reminds me of the Winter Soldier

  7. Aaron Gavin schreef:

    this song makes me feel edg y

  8. This kind of makes me think of Dexter

  9. Seva chan schreef:

    anyone hear at the end "is it really that hard for you julie?" o3o spoopy

  10. Emma Carter schreef:

    my 4 year old brother listens to this and jams out. it is funny and he got me to listen
    i think it's a good song

  11. no not another song that matches my life

  12. Kellyann Brooks schreef:

    it wasn't enough I want more

  13. Perfectly timed and blood effect. You never cease to impress golden wolf. Keep up amazing work.

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