17 thoughts on “BOBBY(바비) – RUNAWAY Lyrics(Han/Rom/Eng)

  1. * * schreef:

    Thank you! I've been waiting for the eng lyrics trans. Bless you.

  2. Alice Seveatore schreef:

    the lyrics are beautiful..lyric that makes people feel closer to him..

  3. Samira El Samira schreef:


  4. I cried like a baby with this song. The lyrics hit me real deep man. Thank you bobby for this amazing song that tells exactly how I'm feeling right now. And thank you for uploading the lyrics of it. Love you both!?

  5. Ayleen Holmes schreef:

    Oh my god thank you for the lyrics ?❤️

    This song is really my favorite from the album. The lyrics, the music and his voice. He sings and raps both and it sounds so wonderful ?

    But the lyrics is really deep and also really sad.

    I think, he put his thoughts and feelings in this songs. He trys to put all these feelings and thoughts into words and he doesn't like to tell them anyone, so he wrote them on paper and sang it to the crowd and himself.

    And again, the Kpop Idols let us know, how hard an Idol life can be. I mean, I can understand Bobby, he want to follow his dreams but his dreams has disadvantages. He misses his family and friends. So how he sings: "Even when I lie on my bed, it doesn't feel like home" An Idol life is hard "Two legs that collapse from having no energy" It's so unfair, the trained for years but they didn't get the attention or the money what they really deserve. They live in public and the Korean life is sometimes not prettiest. You will adjusted :/

    He want to live his dreams but in the same time, he want to be a normal adult/ teenager. And slowly the responsibility attack him. He was young when he went from America to Korea, (I think it was 16) He went to live his dreams. He left his family there and I know in the WIN period he doesn't saw his family for three years. He left so much, only because he wants to live his dream.

    People like this have my respect, because they know how life's really work.

    His "I don't know why I'm here" broken my heart. I don't why but it sounds so heartbreaking. He lost his way and he was hurt by other people, so he avoid new encounters.

    I literally can feel him. I'm somehow like this too. But it is good not to trust everyone, you can trust people but you have to know, whom you will trust.

    And "I live like I have nothing to worry about, I started worrying about my mom." He's really a good son and human. He doesn't want to show someone his feelings and problems but he worry about people, also when it doesn't look like.

    And he said the truth, when he laid down in the bed, "the reality now is heavier than my dreams" In the evening, when it's dark and you lay in the bad, you will overthinking. Sad but true.

    And I think he talks a little but and indirectly to us. I mean, who had not the urge to runaway. To runaway from the reality, from the problems, from the life, from everything and to live somewhere where no one knows you. Where no one is, who knows you or you knows. Where you can really be who you are.

    I think everyone want that. (Yes, maybe not really everyone but many people)

    This song is really sad but wonderful. He loves his family and friends and members, … but sometimes the reality is too much for him and he want to runaway and I can understand that.

    (Sorry, it's so long >.< and this all are only assumptions, I don't know if it's true or not and I'm sorry for my English but I hope you understand me, if read this text until here) 🙂

    Btw. I love Bobby so much ❤️ One of my ultimate bias. ?

  6. Omg, the lyrics describes my situation perfectly. I cried so much reading it ??

  7. Peachy :3 schreef:

    I cried I am crying help this song is so beautiful the lyrics are so deep I love this song

  8. sheng minho1312 schreef:

    I really really love this song?

  9. Bluish Girl schreef:

    It hits me deep emotionally coz Bobby wrote the lyrics exactly like what i've been hiding in my heart all these years, i've always wanted to pursue my dreams but ended up doing things because i'm having loads of responsibility which seem to get bigger each time.. It hit me hard coz i know all this time i've been dreaming to run to somewhere where i can be freed from all these ties.. If only it's possible , Thanks Bobby !!

  10. funny knowledge schreef:

    ??don't runaway Bobby ~~we love you and we will always do.. ❤ Happy 2nd anniversary iKON & iKONICs ? best relationship in the world that will last forever?

  11. Lukme schreef:

    only me who see the ship with Lee Hi " hard to BREATHE))) and HOLD MY HAND" actually i am just joking. i really love the lyrics

  12. ai ro schreef:

    before i know the english lyrics i already know this is my song. and here i'm to prove it i was true

  13. JRMY KCharts schreef:

    I'm liking these new KPop songs recently, the lyrics were to meaningful!

    JJ Project's Tomorrow, Today
    10cm's Help
    Pentagon's Like This and
    Bobby's Runaway ??

    I'm loving these new songs!!

  14. Irbish schreef:

    The lyrics are… wow!
    I recognize myself in. Thank u Bobby for this masterpiece <3

  15. Unloyal Trash schreef:

    Ahh this just made me sad and in love

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