Bobby (Feat. DK, Katie) – Secret + Colour Coded Lyrics; Han/Rom/Eng

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OMG GUYS WTF Y’ALL I SUDDENLY HAVE 100 subs outta nowhere oh god, thank you so much ;-; hmm, i might be holding a giveaway later in the future to show my appreciation for you guys 😀

okay so, i had probs with my editing program and i wanna cri coz i restarted like 3 times ffs

but here it is!

side note, i died at bts’ dna teaser 2 (“:

thanks for watching!

leave your requests in the comments section!

artist: bobby (feat. dk, katie)
song: secret
album: love and fall

lyrics: bobby
composer: bobby, millennium
arranger: millennium

bobby: purple

where to find me!
wattpad: @woozikookie
twitter: @woozikookie
insta: @woozikookie

source: hangul/rom:
eng: @ikonrelatable on twitter (i changed some of it)

This song does not belong to me!



32 thoughts on “Bobby (Feat. DK, Katie) – Secret + Colour Coded Lyrics; Han/Rom/Eng

  1. Shining Zarah schreef:

    DK ?? wow! He's not just a good dancer but also a good singer ?❤

  2. This is literally my favorite song off the album, I love it ❤

  3. acedia schreef:

    tHIS is going on loop hun! I'm so proud that Donghyuk got to feature on this. No one else would've made that low-key sexy impact. Also glad to see Katie alive lol. This is my favourite track so far from the album!

  4. Chubs schreef:

    All songs in this albun are lit??

  5. Kyle BTSGOTSVT schreef:

    ughhh if only iKon's songs are this good. Damn.

  6. B SJ schreef:

    Husky voice omg i thought its my delulu but its going strong and stronger listening every song of bobby's album. Chu

  7. Lali Vixen schreef:

    Holyyy shit this is so good?

  8. Lysaxxi schreef:

    oml this is so eargasssmmm. katie and dk are the right option to feature in this song. their voices blended so well with bobby's rap. oh god i keep listening to this beautiful song ?

  9. jeon jungbook schreef:

    Thanks !! I love this song ❤

  10. Việt Hà schreef:

    can you give me a link of DK's image.

  11. mxf schreef:

    I was wondering who DK was but it's Donghyuk omg???

  12. luv ji yong schreef:

    wooo this is amazing … katie sound awsome n dk slay their with his soft voice … downloading it … his album is bob
    m excited fo katie debut .. she sound so mature n suit this type of song .. excited for debut of YG unending vocall bombs

  13. YADia AG schreef:

    Donghuks voice is so sexy.
    My heart fluttered.

  14. Deishi Koizora schreef:

    Donghyuk ❤ The lyrics though. ? What are you doing Bobby-ah? Are you trying to steal another guy's girlfriend? Oh my gosh! ?

  15. rjnxi schreef:

    thats a YG talent!!! I'm so amazed on Katie's voice

  16. Princess Koo schreef:

    whos katie? can someone tell me?

  17. unknown user schreef:

    i like how the song is just like a conversation between a guy and girl. and finally get to hear donghyuk sing :')

  18. Stellar Stellar schreef:

    I don't know why but I love Bobby's sexiness in "TELL ME" so much.
    Girl must be lucky to hear it close to her own ears!

  19. bobby looks like he's third wheeling

  20. Beth R schreef:

    Thank you for the amazing choice of pics too. Love it!

  21. Kihyun's wifeu schreef:

    I thought DK of Seventeen ??????

  22. Joyseux XVIII schreef:

    I'm gonna kill if I see anyone slander my Dongie after this :'( I LOVE YOU DONG YOU DID WELL HONEY! Of course, same goes to Bobby & Katie too <3

  23. It's my first time to like all tracks from a certain album.❤❤

  24. bln wy schreef:

    Bless this song and bless them

  25. Urmila Gurung schreef:

    This album is so much filled with perfection ❤️❤️
    Thank you for the lyrics?

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