Bobby – In Love + Colour Coded Lyrics; Han/Rom/Eng

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this is honestly one of the songs that i love in the album!!

thanks for watching!

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artist: bobby
song: in love
album: love and fall

lyrics: bobby
composer: bobby, choice37
arranger: choice37

bobby: purple

where to find me!
wattpad: @woozikookie
twitter: @woozikookie
insta: @woozikookie

source: hangul/rom:
eng: @ikonrelatable on twitter (i changed some of it)

This song does not belong to me!



29 thoughts on “Bobby – In Love + Colour Coded Lyrics; Han/Rom/Eng

  1. Thank you for subbing the best kpop song ever made

  2. ikonmytype schreef:

    waiting for lean on me too pls

  3. talla -VIP schreef:

    Awww thank you alot eonniii❤

  4. Ikon Bang schreef:

    Probably my favorite song off the album. This man is truly talented. Congrats to him for charting well and going number one on iTunes in 22 countries. As well as debuting number 5 on worldwide albums list. Such an amazing and beautiful album, I recommend everyone buy. It is too good to pass up. Ikonics let's gooooo.!

  5. milaesh - schreef:

    At the first time, i think it will be english song. But damn, i in love with this song?

  6. The lyrics is so beautiful im crying??

  7. chiziruhishiro schreef:

    I didn't know Bobby could be this romantic.

  8. GD Lorena schreef:

    you are the best thank u

  9. Jasmin ElGazzar schreef:

    With the headphones at the end I felt my head gonna explode from the goosebumps.. such a beautiful rhythm.. I'm in love for sure now!

  10. I don t think he says " that you're in love " but " charming love " , maybe my ear doesn t hear it good

  11. lard flabs schreef:

    i hope you will also do "Lean On Me" ❤

  12. sada schreef:

    Bobby can SING!!! I KNOW HE CAN RAP LIKE CRAZY!!! But he CAN SING!!! He's voice is so beautiful? He doesn't need to hit those high notes. He has a soulful voice??? Am in LOVE with this ALBUM because we get to hear him sing in every song.???

  13. Junhoe 1997 schreef:

    never seen the romantic side of bobby like this before. i'm in love!

  14. Sah Martins schreef:

    I'm in love with you Bobby for the 1000000 time.♡

  15. 황지현 schreef:


  16. dee schreef:

    play this at my wedding.

  17. Uchi Azzahra schreef:

    I'm cryingggg ????? bobby i love you so much! Omgg its so beautiful i can't ??

  18. Lilia Fe Licerio schreef:

    that chipmunk background though….

  19. axis jensen schreef:

    should've made this as the title track alongside runaway. This is a masterpiece.

  20. My favorite one ❤️ his singing voice ?

  21. Ba P schreef:

    This made me cry I don't know why

  22. Lazy Bum schreef:

    This give me so much feels im so emo, bobby voice just give me chills idk why

  23. This song is so beautiful. My favourite song from his album.. Bobby is so talented. I'm glad he finally got to release an album.. proud is an understatement ❤️❤️ so much love for the baby

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