Bobby – Runaway + Colour Coded Lyrics; Han/Rom/Eng

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artist: bobby
song: runaway
album: love and fall

lyrics: bobby
composer: bobby, choice37
arranger: choice37

bobby: purple

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source: rom/hangul:

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29 thoughts on “Bobby – Runaway + Colour Coded Lyrics; Han/Rom/Eng

  1. I'm literally crying. The meaning of this song is too relatable.

  2. Kyujin schreef:

    Hais the feels and lyrics of this song is too relatable :<

  3. KPopLoverForever schreef:

    Been looking for a song to explain how I've been feeling these past years and now I've found it. Thank You Bobby. This song is so real, it hurts ?

  4. ahh the lyrics are so meaningful and relatableㅠㅠ this is a really nice lyric video, thank you for making it ♡

  5. I love how the song is all about hardships and sufferings we all can relate to and in the end the MV shows Psalms 118:5 saying God is always there when we call Him ❤️

  6. This song is seriously my life right now ??❤️

  7. 홍유민 schreef:

    Are you carrat?? yeh me too nice to meet u

  8. Botany Miranda schreef:

    Thank u for makin lyric video, please do for 'secret' n 'in love' too?

  9. zeth zerosix schreef:

    Omg thank you so much! You might want to check the comment section here all english lyrics are there! Thank you again for making these videos! ❤❤❤

  10. if you struggle now and you have to see these..


    just so amazing meaning..

  11. K T schreef:

    I knew the song was beautiful even before but now that I know what they lyrics meant, I couldn't help but cry while watching this. I'm the breadwinner of my family and I have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders. Most of the time it's not easy and I do want to run away from it sometimes but my faith has helped just like how it helped Bobby get through it all. Thank you for this beautiful song, Bobby.

  12. Kyle BTSGOTSVT schreef:

    I can relate to this song so much it fucking hurts.

  13. Joanna schreef:

    Thank you for all of these sub videos!!!

  14. "I have a habit of thinking mistakes are failures
    I don't wanna fail so I keep stopping my efforts
    Cuz I don't wanna get hurt, I avoid new encounters
    It's better to cry alone, no need to be cautious"

  15. P H schreef:

    I'm in love with this songgg! ? Bobbyyyy?

  16. Maryam Masanuri schreef:

    It hurts. I could relate.

  17. Bre x schreef:

    I love this song so much! Thank you for making this ♥️

  18. E MMM Z schreef:

    after knowing the lyrics, I cant help to relate myself to this song. I Wanna Runaway ?

  19. Aino Saarinen schreef:

    I love this song ❤️ I can relate to this song so much

  20. Chadia Bouguebri schreef:

    Wow i love this music ???????

  21. Ayesha Channa schreef:

    The lyrics hit me right in the heart and soul

  22. Yoongi wtf schreef:

    someone's finally put the way i've been feeling into words

  23. Erika Chrysant schreef:

    A song for those who is tired and sick from their responsibilities and achieving their dreams.

  24. I can relate to BOBBY on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL

  25. This song is so relatable. <3 Who doesn't feel the need to run away from their daily life, at times? <3

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