Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer (Lyrics)

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Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer (Lyrics)

From album Slippery When Wet

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41 thoughts on “Bon Jovi – Living on a Prayer (Lyrics)

  1. CERTI Playz schreef:

    i learnt this at school

  2. Braeden Bonds schreef:

    It doesn't make a difference if we're naked or not

  3. Rosendo Escobedo schreef:

    This is my musical's song

  4. Rosendo Escobedo schreef:

    This is my musical's song

  5. pegasus girl schreef:

    there was a shampoo commercial before this for me and i'm like "woooah–ohhh shampooing my hair!!!!!!!"

  6. Viking Toaster schreef:

    This reminded me about a song I cant remember. Fuck now its gonna kill me

  7. Spoodles Loman schreef:

    Am I the only one that when I hear a Bon Jovi song I hear Dean Winchester saying in the background, "Bon Jovi's good….. On occasion"

  8. Ark of lee schreef:

    This was 7 days after my birthday lol

  9. Albert Romano schreef:

    Nice song my mom and dad went to his concert

  10. Noah Beasley schreef:

    This Song Makes Me Bored

  11. Meagan Metzger schreef:

    If this is your first time coming to this song, it better not be the last?

  12. Lance Reece schreef:

    My homeless version [Living on a chair] were homeless so no matter what were naked or not all we got is each other that's not alot,SO ILL GIVE YOU A HERION SHOT, OHHH YOUR ALMOST THERE, WOAHHHH WERE LIVIN ON A CHAIR

  13. Kiri Slack schreef:

    how to manage to spell "difference" different 3 times and all spelled wrong

  14. Krysten55 schreef:

    I'd love to see him in concert. <3
    I also never realized my Dad was never a fan of Bon Jovi. How can he not?

  15. Matthew Snyder schreef:

    I was born in '98, and I prefer this way more than the crap on the radio today. Bon Jovi is definitely one of my favorite bands of all time, right behind Queen.

  16. WJ Productions schreef:

    I was casually walking through my house when…
    Me: DAMN IT

  17. me myself and i schreef:

    woh ohh we're halfway there woh ohh Squidward on a chair

  18. Big Six schreef:

    I don't even like this type of music but the chorus is somehow stuck in my head so I'm just here for my fix. Thanks YouTube

  19. Karah Lusy schreef:

    i the one who pressed subscribed and got this person to 20K

  20. Nezzybit 21 schreef:

    I really love this songg

  21. Kevin Funk schreef:

    tommy used to work on the cocks lmao

  22. jack platt schreef:

    fucking bears!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LilmattTvids 22 schreef:

    I listened to this when I was moving to California and when it said oh we’re half way there was when I got to New Mexico which was the half way mark for he trip

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