BPD NPD Toxic Love vs Healthy Love – Loved Ones

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Can people with Borderline Personality Disorder traits or who are diagnosed with BPD really love or receive love? Can people with a few Narcissistic Traits or a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder love or be loved? Controversial to or for many loved ones as well, this subject of Toxic Love vs Healthy Love is where cognitive dissonance meets with hope and/or false hope and can cause tremendous pain.

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5 thoughts on “BPD NPD Toxic Love vs Healthy Love – Loved Ones

  1. Jen WB schreef:

    Like the fish tank TV , nice touch! ??

  2. Ventolin Inhaler schreef:

    Love is a hard working honesty… I believe you love us (codependents). Thank you for another lifesaving video

  3. awesome…the npd's..bpd's…y so on…it is sad but it seems they do not know how to love ..or it is false or conditional… so much dysfunction from childhood was never resolved…they are not treated y i sincerely feel empathy for them…they are missing so much life..I can only pray for them y wish them well??…have a blessed memorial day???S?

  4. faithful one schreef:

    thank u for this video…blessings to you

  5. Thor Gwen schreef:

    Love= Consistency and from this grows trust. From continued trust grows faith.

    Thank you for your help and wisdom. I only found peace and happiness when I accepted the fact that my family members with this issue cannot love, in the healthy sense. BPD are never consistent… Love does not have many definitions. respect, care, empathy are some of the traits that are key to being able to give and receive love. BPD dont have these qualities, right brain does not seem to have developed correctly.

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