Bring Me The Horizon – True Friends (Official Lyric Video)

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Taken from the forthcoming album That’s The Spirit, out now.

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Lyric Video by Goonzi for 12 Inch Media

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I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you
Cos’ I’ll forget but I’ll never forgive you
Don’t you know, don’t you know?
True friends stab you in the front
It’s funny how
Things work out
Such a bitter irony
Like a kick right to the teeth
It fell apart
Right from the start
But I couldn’t even see
The forest for the trees
(I’m afraid you asked for this)
You got a lot of nerve
But not a lot of spine
You made your bed
When you worried about mine
This ends now
I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you
Cos’ I’ll forget but I’ll never forgive you
Don’t you know, don’t you know?
True friends stab you in the front
I wouldn’t hold my breath if I was you
You broke my heart & there’s nothing you can do
And now you know, now you know
True friends stab you in the front
It’s kind of sad
Cos’ what we had
Well it could of been something
I guess it wasn’t meant to be
So how dare you
Try and steal my flame
Just cos’ yours faded
Well hate is gasoline
A fire fuelling all my dreams
(I’m afraid you asked for this)
You can run
But you can’t hide
Time won’t help you
Cos’ karma has no deadline.

Music video by Bring Me The Horizon performing True Friends. (C) 2015 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited



42 thoughts on “Bring Me The Horizon – True Friends (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Jardel Xavier schreef:

    Baita música do BMTH mano!

  2. reincarnationize schreef:

    I need to cover this song :D.
    Anyone can help me ?
    Im vocal btw.

  3. Houdini VEVO schreef:

    People dont understand this… Wow it means true friends will always say things directly to you instead of stabing you in the back

  4. EMILY VERRATTI schreef:

    i kinda want to show this song to my mother just because she so deserves it and i really mean that

  5. EMILY VERRATTI schreef:

    please i dont know how or where to start

  6. Alexia Balderas schreef:

    When you got a fake B** as a friend and the play this for her n punch her in the teeth and be like, " THIS ENDS NOW " !!!!!

  7. Saul G4mer19 schreef:

    This is eargarsm, If this song was a woman. I'd fuck her

  8. Am I the only one who thinks they sound a little like Starset?

  9. KOMODO GREY schreef:

    You ken run…
    but you can't hide…..

    (cries an ocean)

  10. Sierra Henrich schreef:

    Love this song really helps with my depression

  11. This song reminds me about a lot of people in my past and even in my present. Helps me cope if anything. Love it.

  12. Officially Weird schreef:

    This song is amazing! I wish more kids in my age group (pre-teens or maybe even teens) would listen to this!

  13. British Patriot schreef:

    Terrible shitty band. Sell out cunts. Dickheads. Cunts

  14. Roxy :3 schreef:

    This reminds me of my backstabbing friend who ignored me for over a month and when I tried to see what I did wrong and fix the friendship and he finally answered he told me to fuck off and gave me half assed answers to why he hated me and what I did wrong so here's a big fuck you jack, thanks for hurting me 🙂

  15. Kaylan Russell schreef:

    I don't trust this song!!!!!

  16. PinkUnicorn666 schreef:

    wow, when i first heard this song i was like "that's the heaviest shit ever!" but now i listened to their old stuff and other more brutal music and this now feels like pop music jk

  17. Gabriela Mejia schreef:

    They are really perfect <3.

  18. Lols4you! schreef:

    The instrumental is way too good.

  19. Jonatan Svahn schreef:

    You're an god Oli. Thank you for your music. Best i've listen to so far!

  20. emilius schreef:

    I think that those who comment on their bad experiences and who do not have friends and all that shit, I give them a piece of advice, look for better friends, and stay away from the shit people, I do not have friends, because I was bored of them, and the only thing I feel about it is hatred towards them, it does not even hurt me to be betrayed, so if you feel like this with your friends, leave them, and look for better friends, I did it, now I have cool friends, far from where I live, but I talk to them every day, and it's great LOL

  21. Reason why I have trust issues been like this since I was young

  22. Rhiannon Pardee schreef:

    this song is so true. I saw this side of so many people. stabbed in the back and the front. leading to my seclusion, self harm, eating disorder, losing myself and public anxiety. it took years to get my confidence again, still working at making it strong. I now have a boyfriend of 3 years, and my family, along with my one other companion that's been through the good and bad with me. otherwise, I won't let anyone else get too close. not because I'm afraid anymore, because I've seen the fucked up ways people are. I'm no one's fool. I choose who I want to surround myself with. if you try to fuck with me, go do that to yourself. time has made me superficial, crave materialism and made me somewhat cold. but I will always love the ones who have proved their loyalty. besides that, I don't care if something I do comes off douche-y. I need to protect my own and my loved ones ass before I give a shit about someone who's gonna end up trying to screw me over anyway.


  24. stxrshps schreef:

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  25. Katie Johnson schreef:


  26. Pulpitulum schreef:

    I miss my exbestfriend who didnt even had the balls to say to me that she didnt want to talk to me again..

  27. Mista Mista schreef:

    Just do it already kys instead of making songs about it

  28. Mista Mista schreef:

    I eat apples to keep my depression away

  29. Cletus Binnagin schreef:

    Shoutout to my best friend who fucked my girlfriend and them both lied to my face about it for 2 months.

    A lot of nerve
    Not a lot of spine
    You made your bed when you worried about mine

    Fuck that kid

  30. Kelsey S schreef:

    omg is anyone else here reliving their ego phase

  31. Mission G schreef:

    Crazy people are saying Oli is going to Sing for Linkin Park on their last tour to honor Chester? WTF!?!?!?

  32. Karlie Tamura schreef:

    I dedicate this song to a jerk I know…..I send you all my hate Amaya…..And if you ever read this, which I know you wont, I just want to say you are a back stabbing jerk that I don't need in my life….I deserve better friends….I dont need to be friends with a back stabbing jerk who treats me like I am invisible….I want to be seen by me friends…..If my friends don't see me then they arent my friend….They are a back stabbing jerk….And thats what you are Amaya…All you are is a nothing…A nothing that is a back stabbing jerk…..And I don't need you…..So Amaya if you ever read this please get out of my life forever….I don't want or need you in my life…..Get out forever

  33. Raluka schreef:

    This song goes to the fucking bitches who hurt my best friend.GO TO HELL.Oh no sorry wait a second don't go.BECAUSE YOU WOULD JUST FEEL AT HOME THERE

  34. This is what I feel like when getting a haircut…

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