British Anthem, God Save the Queen (with lyrics)

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British national anthem “God Save the Queen” with lyrics.
Most recognised flag in the world, and most recognised anthem in the world.



30 thoughts on “British Anthem, God Save the Queen (with lyrics)

  1. Titus Lim schreef:

    How the fuck did this video get 15k dislikes

  2. i lov my countri whevnere i heared this song it make me so nationalistsdjfic and wave my flag around mudh house and maybe i wont agetarrstested when i play the athenm with it

  3. Daniel Hernandez schreef:

    This isn't the British national anthem, Talkin' Da Hardest by Giggs is the real national anthem lmao.

  4. Surprised Aleks schreef:

    My phone listen to this and now its beating me up for touching it. Also it said "DON'T TOUCH THE QUEENS PHONE!" and shot me in the foot after

  5. GoldMinecraftPro schreef:

    Fun fact that london is my ass

  6. GoldMinecraftPro schreef:

    1950s -London is my city
    2017-England is my city

  7. Guillaume 0720 schreef:

    this anthem is a french anthem

  8. Octavian 27 schreef:

    The American version is better

  9. Spoonhouse Inc. schreef:

    This is actually an alma mater because England is a city

  10. I made a public playlist with lots of British patriotic music including this

  11. POLAR BEAN schreef:

    Wellcome to Britain the best country for football chants

  12. Adam Gronemeier schreef:

    God save the queen, but when it comes to the U.S. national anthem… You won't see her sitting…

  13. Spoiler Warning schreef:

    Such a beautiful national anthem. I mean it's not the Welsh national anthem (well it sort of is) but it's weird to think my future kids will be singing God Save The King.

  14. Murphy 101 schreef:

    I'm from the US, and I'd kill a man to be from the UK

  15. Jordan Tavares schreef:

    Let's be real here folks. Britain is the real OG

  16. Jordan Tavares schreef:

    Ive seen so many different cultures here talking about Britain and how it's so great (me being Canadian) but the only comments I've seen hating on Britain and the queen have been English men themselves.

  17. Aaron schreef:

    Cheers to our Greatest ally!

  18. Aaron schreef:

    Elizabeth Ii, the longest reigning monarch. Dei Gratia Regina Fedelus Defensor!

  19. Hannah Pictures1 schreef:

    long live our queen british and proud

  20. So the anthem will change after the death of the queen!

  21. Chris Ballam schreef:

    And we'll all have a party when the queen dies and the union crumbles, greetings from Scotland 😉

  22. Nails and Whales schreef:

    Lol in America we have a song to virtually the same tune called "My County 'Tis of Thee"

  23. Azureecosse schreef:

    Look up " Heil dem im Sieger Kranz" on YT you will be surprised when you hear it.

  24. Salena Cussins schreef:

    lol NOT the song I was looking for …. ;p

  25. 666 schreef:

    Fuck the Queen. All men are created equal. We want a true democracy!

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