32 thoughts on “BTS (防弾少年団) – THE STARS (Color Coded Kan|Rom|Eng Lyrics)

  1. Rebeca schreef:

    When did this song come out??

  2. kpop enthusiast schreef:

    uhhh i really miss the old bts they should really comeback one day with a concept similar to their old ones

  3. I'd assume it was yoongi yelling j-hope at the background.

  4. I'd assume it was yoongi yelling j-hope at the background.

  5. ItsDatB0i schreef:


  6. -DannyLu- schreef:

    I can't even express how much I love and how happy I am for these guys ❤️

  7. Guys.
    I can't even.
    My ability to even is gone.
    I am unable to even.
    My talent in evening has disappeared.
    So has my soul.
    And my ovarys.
    That's all.

  8. Even if it's a small cute song, BTS somehow puts in meaningful things that if you think about t are really deep. Bighit I swear to god hajima hurting my heart.

  9. SugarKookie schreef:

    I just read a fanfiction where Jin died… im so happy Jin is alive T.T

  10. nobody schreef:


  11. i need an adult schreef:

    This is one of their cutest songs omfg jhopes parts where they all Join in

  12. Yuki Ying schreef:

    Perfect song to listen do when you're rushing to finish an assignment, all night looong xD

  13. Shaan Kelly schreef:

    Me: Taehyung voice J-HOPE!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hyukfied schreef:

    This is an old song. XD Its my no.1 song from for many years xD

  15. Tropical Kawaï schreef:

    Yoongi's English ruined me

  16. Tropical Kawaï schreef:

    Jimin's English ruined me

  17. Tropical Kawaï schreef:

    Jhope's English ruined me

  18. Tropical Kawaï schreef:

    Namjoon's English ruined me a hundred years ago

  19. Tropical Kawaï schreef:

    Jungkook's English ruined me

  20. jimin isillegal schreef:


  21. Christine Banks schreef:

    I appreciate how everyone seems to be getting a nice amounts of lines in this. Love it. ❤ ?

  22. el del principio no es suga :v

  23. They have a video of Rapmon telling Jimin he has no jams but no video of V saying "All Night Long" for ten minutes.

  24. BITC—- This is a damn bopppp y'all!!!! I'm hyped!!!

  25. Alejandra Garcia schreef:

    suga's voice sounds so different in english or is that just me?

  26. BTS Lover schreef:

    V shouting jhope though omg

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