38 thoughts on “BTS (방탄소년단) – DNA (EASY LYRICS)

  1. You are so fast by the way, thank you. Strong power thank you ??

  2. Nad Park schreef:

    Por algo estoy suscrita… Siempre eres la mas rápida ❤ pordias hacer tambien la letra de Best of me (del mismo album)?

  3. yoonseokforlife schreef:

    Could you take it down? At least for the first 48 hours because we want the original MV to have the views-if fans upload lyric videos it will lessen the views. Also the original MV already has english subs.

  4. Chimchim Park schreef:

    Can you please do all the songs fron the album.???

  5. Park Jiminie schreef:

    saranghaeyo bighit and bangtan!!

  6. mỹ hằng nhan schreef:

    Suga sang" I want it leal love" Ok fine??????????????

  7. Jungkook's Wifeu schreef:

    Finally! THIS IS WHAT I REALLY NEED. This was too fast but still, STRONG POWER THANK YOU ??

  8. Angel LightStar schreef:

    https://youtu.be/MBdVXkSdhwU Go and Watch The MV
    Like it and share it ..
    Facebook – Instagram – Twitter…all social!!!! We can do 20M..ARMYs fighting!!!

  9. Maine Mendoza schreef:

    Wow this is incredibly fast!

  10. Initiate schreef:

    this is the goat imo because all of the whistling from the beginning is here

  11. IronicallyIronic schreef:

    sings and cries at the same time

  12. Xiomara Rv schreef:

    Enserio por Es esto tanto alboroto ?

  13. SquishyJiminXO3 schreef:

    Your channel is da best ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Nmms, bts no es bts si en sus canciones no hay una parte q diga "lalalalalala"??????

  15. Kim SeokKris schreef:


  16. Lyrics Video schreef:

    See also BTS video lyrics on my channel

  17. Shifaputri Aulia schreef:

    Pls do BEST OF ME easy lyric


  19. Maine Mendoza schreef:

    Where did you get this pictures?

  20. Gurl Dawg 101 schreef:

    Very good but plz less spaces

  21. Abigail Paasa schreef:

    I know this may seem too much but we are in need of help from you, ARMYS.
    Please watch B.A.P's HONEYMOON , their latest MV.
    We are really in need of everyone's support. If you have time, please do help us.
    Your support means a lot to us, the BABYz fandom. Please. Thank you! :'(

  22. Tae Kim schreef:

    Can u plz do the other songs as well

  23. ThirsTae schreef:

    Hello! I really loved this ? but can you take it down? ? you can just delte it and then upload it again, cause The Original MV will loosen views (what i heard) i know you really put on effort to this, but we really need to ☺?

  24. •Celestee • schreef:

    Tiembla Blood sweet and tears :v

  25. Kim Franchine schreef:

    nice thanks i can sing it

  26. RRK Eeguerra schreef:

    I love teahyung's voice

  27. Fading Wonder schreef:

    J-Hope looks like Jinyoung from B1A4 lel

  28. Trang Quỳnh schreef:

    . Please do all of the album <3

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