BTS (방탄소년단) – Sea (바다) (Hidden track from LOVE YOURSELF) Lyrics [Color Coded Eng]

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By – Hamtaro Gasa

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Hidden track from LOVE YOURSELF



38 thoughts on “BTS (방탄소년단) – Sea (바다) (Hidden track from LOVE YOURSELF) Lyrics [Color Coded Eng]

  1. Hamtaro Gasa schreef:

    Hye is HAN ROM ENG version of BTS SEA lyrics.. much love from BTS and me <3

  2. Elaine Bonomelli schreef:

    My heart???????????????????????

  3. Jack G schreef:

    this is incredibly beautiful.

  4. julia schreef:

    this is why i love BTS, the honesty

  5. Luna Vega schreef:

    I think this just became my fave song from the album why is this a hidden track??? ?

  6. Snakeu schreef:


  7. btsismyjam schreef:

    the only thing occurred in my mind while reading this comment section is that y'all need a chill pill

  8. LoveYourself schreef:

    I honestly love this album cuz in the same time you have a song like Mic Drop which is savage and hype af and a song like Sea, very touching and smooth. And now when I know the lyrics I have even more respect for them cuz they had nothing and now they're Daesang and Billboard winners. These Boys deserve the world??

  9. jiminizer schreef:


  10. DJ Hanza schreef:

    Got this on a playlist repeating on its own so I can listen to their beautiful voices 0-0

  11. Mirax schreef:

    I made it! i listened to this song so many times and today was the first time I didn't cry! yay me! (it was close thou…)

  12. Hathennah schreef:

    According to some of the comments on here, if I cannot afford to spend money on BTS albums and merch, I am not a real ARMY. Welp. I guess this is where it ends then. It was nice while it lasted. ?

  13. Inala Akain schreef:

    "It is illegal to distribute hidden tracks"
    "plz delete"
    "copyright infringement"
    "buy the album and listen to it"
    You do realize a lot of ARMY is underage (not to mention, a lot of us are girls) and cannot afford the album because they can't get a job, a lot of ARMY are common people who cannot afford 30-50 dollars for what? 2 extra songs/skits? If this was bothering BigHit, they would have taken it down. The track is "Hidden" because the song's meaning won't be as clear to people who aren't ARMY. The other hidden tracks haven't been taken down, should this be any different? In fact, I think it makes less of a difference since ARMY is so big now. For a lot of us, this will be the ONLY way we'll ever know about this song. Do you really think BTS would disapprove of an ARMY listening to their hidden track here simply because they cannot afford it? Y'all are hella salty with "illegal, take it down, delete" Though I agree it wasn't the best idea to upload this like a day after their comeback, I do think that everyone should have access to music, even "Hidden Tracks". Simply put, if you force the idea that "hidden tracks are only gifts for people who bought the album and no one else should listen", it actually hurts BTS since not as many people will be able to listen, and crudely put, it's censorship

  14. Nonna_isa schreef:

    When Suga says ''don't wanna cry'' and seventeen comes

  15. Mirax schreef:

    it makes me sad that this song is so deep and BTS said themselves that ARMYs are like a family and here we are fighting over this song:(

  16. Kawtie L schreef:

    My parents wouldn't even spend money on my own clothes. They are so close minded and they think it's a waist of money to even have internet. They would never, like NEVER want to buy me an album or even let me buy one. Even if I save the money by myself, I wouldn't be able to buy it because it's too expensive and my parents wouldn't allow me to.

    I love Bts more than anything. I wish I would be able to buy their albums and merchandise someday instead of taking my black shirt and writing Bts on it. But I still can't.

    And when Bts say they love army, they don't mean only the army who can afford buying their albums… they mean all of us, who stay up all night to stream their videos, who vote non stop and who love them with all our broke asses. So I wish I could listen to their songs too, I don't have the ability to do a lot of things because I don't have any money. It breaks my heart that I can't even listen to my favorite band's songs because I am poor ???

    And I don't think this will hurt Bts because c'mon, EVERYONE who can will surely buy their album because they love them. I don't think it will hurt them that we poor people, will be able to listen to it after they sold all those albums.

  17. kingli schreef:

    Suga's line is so heartbreaking…
    And I need an instrumental version of this masterpiece. Perfect autumn song. ??

  18. this song is so beautiful. i feel like the whole desert turning into sea analogy is a perfect representation of depression (because it's something i'm going through, you don't have to agree but this is what i read into it) because it's saying that even if times change, the desert is where you came from, and that sadness brought you to that happiness (the sea), and sometimes the tide goes out and you're left alone on the sand but in the end the sea will always come back in and you'll be happy eventually.

  19. Mika ._. schreef:

    Tf is everyone complaining normally the ARMY Comment section makes me laugh

    Seagull out

  20. Sidra Muntaha schreef:

    I get that the K-armys are pissed and all but even though a lot of us have bought the physical albums not all of us speak korean, so in order to understand what they're saying we have to look at the lyric videos.

  21. TheNádiaSims schreef:

    It's in this song that we see how much hoseok works hard, and how much he has upgrade ? So proud of him and the boys ?
    They are doing o well ♥

  22. M_i_k_i_o schreef:


  23. Mo Ony schreef:

    stop asking for taking down the video seriously if i could afford it i would've bought it but if you think that you're not encouraged to buy the album after listening to it on YT then it's your fault because being an army is about supporting bts when you can so please don't say that it should be taken down because it's really the only way i could listen to this song ❤❤

  24. HEY STOB IT schreef:

    Yoongi’s rap got me so emotional??

  25. Pamela Toussaint schreef:

    why are they so good at writing sad songs

  26. Dynahia schreef:

    so sad and beautiful on the same time ?

  27. vasvi ahluwalia schreef:

    This song make me cry my heart out… BTS, you deserve the world!

  28. Himari Sunshine schreef:

    I've been with BTS since they debuted. They are honestly the people who got me through so much. This song brings me to tears, they have suffered so much yet, they manage to pull through. They've come from not winning anything to winning a billboard. I hope that one day BTS will become mainstream, they deserves so much more. 상락해 방탄소년단 ❤️

  29. Aviaja Maria schreef:

    This made me so emotional omg

  30. JULIA OKUN schreef:

    To all the K-Armies that are raging over a hidden track in the comments, please try to understand that Armies from any other countries aren't as privileged as you.

  31. Լ schreef:

    K-Armys, please, why are u so bad? In Korea, u can buy, go the fansigns more easily than international fans, please think about it, you don't need to worry about having an album in just one week, because you can go and buy it.
    Also, think that without international fans, BTS probably wouldn't won on the Billboard Awards.

  32. chloe shannon schreef:

    I wish people would stop asking for this to be taken down 🙁 So many International ARMYs would never have been able to listen to this beautiful song otherwise, since the album is so expensive or doesn't deliver to their country. I'm a UK ARMY and I was lucky enough to be able to buy the album, and it's due to arrive next week, but thousands of others aren't that lucky sadly. Other ARMYs deserve to hear this just as much as everyone else!!

  33. ItsKimiK schreef:

    why does bts always make me cry, my god

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