44 thoughts on “BTS – Best Of Me LYRICS [COLOR CODED HAN|ROM|ENG]

  1. chee _ss schreef:

    "When you say you love you" GOT ME DEAD "Haru, haru" got me also dead gosh and RAPMONSTER'S SINGING

    And one of my best song of the album because ALL OF THEM ARE GOODDD

  2. haydee silva schreef:

    Simply wonderful <3 <3 <3

  3. haydee silva schreef:

    Estou completamente apaixonada por está música <3 <3 <3

  4. Amalia Raissa schreef:

    really love suga's part! keep repeat it more than 10 times XD

  5. BTS till forever schreef:

    haru haru part killed all the armys TTTTTT

  6. Grace Mongaya schreef:

    RAPLINE singing is my ultimate wish. and its coming true. BTS = LEGEND

  7. Shannen Carzon schreef:

    fyi this is the collab of bts and the chainsmokers i luuv iiit

  8. MLGaming schreef:

    No one is talking about Rap Mon's soft voice? !!

  9. Does this sound like another song to anyone else because it does to me!?!?!?!

  10. tn_ 37 schreef:

    who wants MV of this perfect beautiful song????? cuz i f*** love this song, so catchy ???

  11. Kpop Jams schreef:

    Yoongi starts singing

    me:a-am i still a-alive??

  12. Who ever said that Suga can't sing?

    Oh wait…I used to ?

  13. Qian NI schreef:

    Suga, I know I have the best of you❤❤

  14. Clarisse Vasquez schreef:


  15. zonunyi taetae schreef:

    hell yeah!!! all of them singing_this is just perfect??

  16. HEALING UNICORN schreef:

    Imagine suga and jungkook switched places..koookie as the main rapper and suga as the main singer ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. 전언정 schreef:

    슈가 리드믹컬한 랩파트 진짜 너무 좋아요.
    곡이 전체적으로 고급지다고 해야하나 하튼 묘하면서 좋은 느낌이에요. 지민이 목소리는 진짜 최고구요.

  18. Fůnky Fėdørå schreef:

    I don't love the beat but it's good still
    It's our boys so I'm sure it'll grow on me in time
    But the VOCALS YES

  19. Sese Wonwoo schreef:

    suga is such an full pack of idol. he can dance perfectly , sing well, and his rap is no joke???

  20. "You are my savior, you are my window"
    I think those lines are for Jin

  21. Vmonster schreef:

    Suga's "WOAHOH" his "WOAHOH" omg omg omg omg 1:26 is the highlight of my life

  22. Alexia Dawn schreef:

    I thought namjoon sing the "so please just dont leave me~"

  23. holyoongi schreef:

    can anyone make a loop of suga singing oUUoo BECAUSE I NEED IT

  24. Dĩnh Tỷ Phan schreef:

    The Chainmokers music. And I love it !

  25. Is it just me or is it that I always get bias wrecker by Yoongi why does his voice turn me on???

    "As you know my voice will turn you on" -Yoongi cypher pt3

    Welp that makes sense

  26. ALI-(B)7 schreef:

    I'm falling in love with this song ???

  27. NicProfication schreef:

    Yoooo that voice of Suga is a high vocal man,i cant even reach that note perfectly,plus he is a rap line

  28. Rafaela Lohn schreef:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa melhor musicaaaaa

  29. pink milk schreef:

    I don't know why but suga's rapping voice really turns me on

  30. lily k schreef:

    I love how they related this album to army a lot. It shows us all over again how much they care. I hope the boys know I will never stop caring.

  31. vino pandian schreef:

    Others : 'You got the best of me'

    Suga : Raps the lines…YOU GOTTA BASSOMI ???

  32. Anonymous Lover schreef:

    Hey am I the only one that thinks the first part is kinda… Familiar?! Like I heard it in one of their songs, I just can't remember it.

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