35 thoughts on “BTS – DNA (EASY LYRICS)

  1. Suzie Polluk schreef:

    Already?! You are a legend ??

  2. Suzie Polluk schreef:

    Already?! You are a legend ??

  3. Chimchim Park schreef:

    Wahhh,, I'm wating for this.
    Please do all the song on the album ?

  4. Love you please do the whole album LMFAO

  5. 0:40 kinda sounds like he says keep your eyes on me, is it only me?

  6. Jxongguk schreef:

    gashina/sunmi, please. <3

  7. Shattap Shattap schreef:

    Can I offline this video?

  8. Sofia Dela Cruz schreef:

    Can you make this save offline???????

  9. Bts fighting
    Army's love you

  10. Ola schreef:

    my mouth can't pronounce this what the hell

  11. JC 0fficial schreef:

    Thank you so much for this.?

  12. lita cartoneros schreef:

    uhhhhh new favorite because of uuu~~~

  13. KPOPfan _ARMY schreef:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! 3:27 i love the fact that you wrote "la lai la la la" and not "la la la la la" cus its sounds like that you are right!!! thanks again!

  14. Nimade Salwa schreef:

    Baekhyun- beautiful please.

  15. Nimade Salwa schreef:

    Please make baekhyun – beautiful

  16. SARANGHAE BTS schreef:


  17. SARANGHAE BTS schreef:

    Jst like spring day easy lyrics

  18. Baby ???❣? Yong wo ne ham ke nikka?

  19. annida fsh schreef:

    i don't know why. This one, the rhythm so flat 🙁

  20. SARANGHAE BTS schreef:

    Make it offline plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. KorEsin schreef:

    Pleaseee!! BTS Sea and Mic Drop easy lyrics pleaseee ?

  22. aa. chacaaa schreef:

    i need the video link pleaseee

  23. The Klaymiator schreef:

    J-hope said 'Put your ass on me' :p
    Misheard lyrics, eh. Anyways, love this song!

  24. Yngvild Latchica schreef:

    I thought keep your ass on me HAHAHA

  25. Thank youuuu so much❤️❤️❤️

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