BTS – Illegal (보조개) [COLOR CODED LYRICS English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

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Artist: BTS
Song: Illegal / Dimple (보조개)
Album: LOVE YOURSELF 承 `Her`

Instagram @lovekpopsubs

Han: Music Naver
Rom: lexilogos
Eng: Alli @ bts-trans

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40 thoughts on “BTS – Illegal (보조개) [COLOR CODED LYRICS English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

  1. Amy Black schreef:

    i can't believe they've made a song just for me aaaah

  2. Hazirah Zain schreef:

    can't believe i don't have dimple. huhu

  3. apøørva schreef:

    jimin: "don't lie you are indeed an angel"
    me @ park jimin

  4. Kwok JinYoung schreef:

    Y'all also illegal but yeah thanks for the feedback BTS lolol

  5. Swag Suga schreef:

    I have dimples 2 of em like joonie are they like thowing shade at me and the rest of ARMY who has dimples ?????? cuz joonie got emm to

  6. Claire Castelle schreef:

    You guys are so illegal illeeeeegal ???❤

  7. Sammy Lee schreef:

    when you dont have dimples

  8. Hunny. N schreef:

    I know I'm illegal thank you ?

    jk.. I have no dimples ?

  9. Yixing Aiyowei schreef:

    Im happy as i have dimples

  10. My Taeholic schreef:


  11. We have shesus back then now illegirl what an iconic lyric this is talent PURE TALENT

  12. aleena das schreef:

    I have dimple..I am illegal… THANX BTS????????

  13. Rap Mon your dimples are illegal but i want it anyway ??

  14. Isn't the part in 2:24 preceding the C5 Jungkook's part, or is that really Jimin's tone?

  15. Lexie Saunders schreef:

    I have dimples buT WHY ARE THEY ILLEGAL

  16. cheek dimples or back dimples ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ? imsrylmfao

  17. Katrina schreef:

    HEY THE SONG IS ABOUT NAMJOON'S DIMPLES!?? namjoon's dimples are so deep that's why it's illegal??

  18. So this song is for me? Thanks boysss.. ?

    *touch my dimple proudly.. ??

  19. princess24eve schreef:

    Aish…this was so beautiful

  20. LeagueOfFangirls schreef:

    I am so happy that I have dimples XDD

  21. MrsFrostt schreef:

    I can't believe they made a song for RapMon and Hoseok

  22. I'm your Hope schreef:

    I rly hate my dimples since they're so big and ruin my smile but this song touched me I'm cri :')

  23. Clare Abbott schreef:

    I ghost wrote this song about namjoon

  24. ParkKate BTS schreef:

    2:28, the highnote is Jungkook not Jimin

  25. Angel Kim schreef:

    When my name is Angel and I have two dimples in my cheeks. 'Kay, THIS SONG IS MINE. I'm so blessed. haha. Thank you God! Saranghaeyo, BTS

  26. 1.01: kookie n tae want illegal dimples but eomma jin is not letting them buy it bc it is illegal

  27. Dylan Hemmings schreef:

    I don't understand why Jin gets so few lines, his voice is literal heaven?!?!?!? ??

  28. mochi 1993 schreef:


  29. Natayvia Ross schreef:

    Your so fast thank you ?

  30. LoveKpopSubs schreef:

    Track List:
    01. Intro : Serendipity:
    02. DNA: OR (MV)
    03. Best Of Me:
    04. 보조개 (Illegal):
    05. Pied Piper:
    06. Skit : Billboard Music Awards Speech
    07. MIC Drop:
    08. 고민보다 Go:
    09. Outro : Her:
    10. Skit: 망설임과 두려움 (Hesitation and Fear)
    11. 바다 (Sea):

  31. sereni.ty schreef:

    i never liked my dimples until this moment

  32. What about the ones with out dimples ?!(ME!)

  33. Otoka gi schreef:

    About "Illegal"

    “Illegal”, or 보조개 (dimple), is the fourth track off BTS’s mini-album LOVE YOURSELF: 承 ‘Her’. It explores themes of romantic love to poppy, high-energy instrumentals, marking a tonal shift in this album from its platonic love and youth-centric predecessors.

  34. Alyson Strecker schreef:

    I'm pretty sure this song is actually about Rap Monster's dimples :p

  35. Cerrene Leong schreef:

    I kept mishearing it as "so fucking illegal~~~~"
    Just me???

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