Calum Scott – Yours (Lyrics)

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Lyrics video for Yours by Calum Scott

Original song by Ella Henderson


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Picture by ??
(I’m not sure who it belongs to, if anyone knows I would of course credit them)


(This is not my song or picture, If you are a copyright owner and want your work to be removed from my channel please message me on youtube and I will delete the video as soon as possible)



27 thoughts on “Calum Scott – Yours (Lyrics)

  1. Beautiful song,i love it???

  2. Adriana Reese schreef:

    you have such a good taste in music!

  3. ItsFireliazPlays schreef:

    Nooooo I am late….. Feels bad….
    But great and amazing song.

    I just want to say that I appreciate that you put up these lyrics videos, have an amazing day. Cheers.

  4. Birtaneondan schreef:

    Why this music video have 5 dislike?

  5. Trisha Parnell schreef:

    I love your music your voice is beautiful.

  6. KANDA AZIZ schreef:

    your channel is my jam

  7. ike schreef:

    Accidentally pressed 'dislike' and I was like "wait NO!" and I pressed 'like' real quick. You are the best channel for lyrics and I love your videos.

  8. beautiful voice
    beautiful picture
    lovely lyrics

  9. Ashanty pena schreef:

    Guys fallow me I write sad songs poems will post more when I get 20 subs pls subscribe

  10. Valerie Nardini schreef:

    Holy shit this is my favorite music channel

  11. Always a lovely song thank you my friend

  12. Deep, full of heart. Clearest voice! Pure.

  13. BlueGlacier schreef:

    You are the best youtuber I am subscribed to. Keep doing a good job. I have never heard al this music before and now I'm addicted to them all! You definitely deserve more subs than what you have now. Keep up the good work! ?

    Also in the comment section we have food:



    Fruits: ????????????????


    And a comfy warm environment:

    Don't forget your display!:

    Love, Blue ?

  14. Call me weird but this sounds like a subtle worship song.

  15. Lovely music like always smile thank you my friend love it

  16. Damian Matz OCD schreef:

    KHB puts the best music on here out of everyone and always uploads them a lot fair play people need to upload sounds as much as you

  17. Rosanna Holod schreef:

    This is Ella Henderson's song just in case you guys wanted to know who wrote it 🙂 her version and Callum Scott's are both beautiful

  18. yankeesrock913 schreef:

    Love all the music on your channel. Thanks to you I've found some of my favorite songs. So thank you!

  19. yoür princess schreef:

    this hit me in the feels…………im typeless….

  20. Regina Tadić schreef:

    This picture is the one of most beautiful pictures in my life, specially with those lyrics, voice and music in the background! ?

  21. tancosinus90 schreef:

    Beautiful video! ❤️ Would like to give a shoutout to the most important person in my life, Loulou. I just closed my eyes and imagined you walking down the isle at our wedding and this song was playing. I started crying.. Every single day I have you in my life is a blessing and I'm counting the minutes till I can have you in my arms again ?❤️❤️ Jag älskar dig, mamman till min son! (Gråter igen hehe) ?❤️❤️❤️

  22. Jinnie Critchley schreef:

    Love this song do prefer Ellas version tho x

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