43 thoughts on “Chandelier – Sia (lyrics)

  1. Taiba Alotafa schreef:

    We want to connect kwili million subscribers #kwili_ you _are _my _beloved

  2. Taiba Alotafa schreef:

    We want to connect kwili million subscribers #kwili_ you _are _my _beloved

  3. SHERRY COLTON schreef:

    I'm just holding on for tonight

  4. Naimu schreef:

    I think comment like this is trendy

    Sia: I'm gonna swing from the chandelier

    Me: I…(can't sing ANYTHING)

  5. Claire Ngumbao schreef:

    I like it very much mwa????

  6. BobSwayder 94 schreef:

    If your emotional u either cried or Sniffed alot

  7. Grace Grimes schreef:

    Can I get 5 like so I know I'm not alone in this big world?

    5 days later:

    Thanks now I see I'm not alone

  8. Homestuck Trash schreef:

    I am just dying over the piano in the background. It really balances everything out. Same with the small bits of auto tune. One of the best songs ever!

  9. LOVE IT❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????????????????❤?????????????????

  10. Jose121991 schreef:

    I'm gonna swing from the shandy leer

  11. Hala Al Harbi schreef:

    I love sia and Maddie wish I was like them

  12. I love that song lots ❤️?

  13. Sarada Uchiha schreef:

    Sia got vocals for days and who agrees say i

  14. Clorox Bleach schreef:

    This song is about getting drunk…well shiet

  15. 앙준영 schreef:

    발음 구린데 노래는 좋다?

  16. Alpha Beta schreef:

    The Best song in the world if you love it ?please

  17. Kirby Lover schreef:

    She kinda sounds like she has something in her mouth while she's singing

  18. 黎子濠 schreef:

    谁是被花花吸引的进来的 +1 还是花花唱的好听

  19. j_d HW schreef:

    Parrot brought me here

  20. Sara Kajouni schreef:

    The song is beautiful ❤❤???

  21. Pamela Ginty schreef:

    This song omg!?????????

  22. Titti Bortolani schreef:

    Voce stupenda; fa dei passaggi di voce che non è da tutti anzi è da pochissimi.

  23. Esther Nagakura schreef:

    In sing didn't Meena audition for this song?

  24. nur qashrina schreef:

    this is like the easiest song ever for me to sing i luv it

  25. Sam Deerman schreef:

    I'm going to sing this in talent show. I have HUGE stage fright. and I am bullied alot.

  26. ella saada schreef:

    i like the song is nice

  27. Felicity Melissa schreef:

    I find out now the reason that my friend loves Sia so much… Her Voice is so beautiful♡ also this song is amazing…wow…. (sorry TT bad english….)

  28. Elisabet Diaz schreef:

    As im screaming this somg i start crying at the fly part

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