Chief Keef – Love Sosa | Dir. @DGainzBeats

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Produced by @youngchopbeatz |
(C) 2012 Interscope Records



28 thoughts on “Chief Keef – Love Sosa | Dir. @DGainzBeats

  1. Ryan Sanders schreef:

    Fall8 Ryan iriei iri 8 8

  2. LunXzZ schreef:

    This shit still bang

  3. LunXzZ schreef:

    6 years later shit still bang

  4. Luqaza schreef:

    Finally available On phone

  5. Selena Garcia schreef:

    U have the coolest song your the fucken best and your good

  6. DM schreef:

    2018 comeback gone be crazy ??

  7. Legend 27 schreef:

    2018 and still on this.

  8. Darius Gonzalez schreef:

    Who still listening in 2018?

  9. Navjot Grewal schreef:

    2018 and this shit still banging ??

  10. am i tripping does ballout have dreads

  11. Supreme 1K schreef:

    The 2000s is prob the greatest generation rn . Faxx

  12. Kickstart King schreef:

    2018 still a banger song

  13. Golden Child schreef:

    6 years, Sosa a legend.

  14. Erika Magana schreef:

    2018 and still fucking with the og???

  15. William G schreef:

    2018 and this will always be my shit, I’m 28 now and I’ll be bumping this shit when I’m 75

  16. Drilla Bub schreef:

    2018 and I'm still bumping this in the whip. Finally Rich stay slappin

  17. Extortion Hola schreef:

    1:Sosa created mumble rap 2:The Drill scene went ? wide because of Sosa 3:He’s the one who’s got white boys claiming gang 4: He made all of the opps careers and you niggas claim he ain’t no legend foh #FinallyRich #GLOGANG4L #FuckDaOpps #OBlockOrNoBlock #LongLiveL’A

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