Clutch – The Regulator Lyrics

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Clutch – Blast Tyrant




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  1. Hey brotha nothing but love for my southern brothers n sisters it's a beautiful country if we got control of it instead of greedy politicians but live it up ??????????

  2. Who the fuck needs the lyrics for Clutch songs? Neil is probably the most audibly clear vocalist I can think off. If you can't understand Clutch's lyrics you should probably invest in a pack of Q tips.

  3. I've been a Clutch fan way before Walking Dead aired.. I lost my shit hearing this after Rick killed Dave and Tony. Fans need to stop being douche nozzles and welcome newcomers instead of pushing them away. It's selfish to want a bands success to be halted because you hate how new fans found them.. All fans of anything should welcome new fans. Become friends, get drunk and go to a Clutch show together for fuck sake.

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