cockatoo loves elvis

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33 thoughts on “cockatoo loves elvis

  1. Schlange Bauch schreef:

    Your wierd friend showing you the music they listen to.

  2. crashk1955 schreef:

    These guys crack me up, love it

  3. Paweł Kiczmer schreef:

    The only one who really understood Elvis

  4. Tara Sommers schreef:

    Him and Snowball would have a hell of a night jamming together

  5. alison mapp schreef:

    I live this clip. It’s as if the shy one goes ‘ oh no it’s that time again ‘!

  6. Madame Logicbomb schreef:

    The other bird was so ok not into it!

  7. 2close2themoon schreef:

    The Mrs. is not fond of your white man's overbite, Kevin.

  8. Lovorka B. schreef:

    This guy stole your video. just seen it so i wanted to let you know

  9. Chava Katz schreef:

    LOL…..I can see what the female is thinking…."Get away you bozo….I'm not impressed".

  10. Bıcır Cicikuş schreef:

    I am on right, other one is my boyfriend

  11. kyra tango schreef:

    The best ever sense of rhythm!??????

  12. Tsundere Faith schreef:

    Right Cockatoo: Oh hot damn
    Left Cockatoo: Hoe don't do it
    Right Cockatoo: Dat is my jam
    Left: Oh my God

  13. Anna Cave schreef:

    When a drunk guy tries to hit on you

  14. John Fehler schreef:

    Are you sure you have 2,000 subscribers buddy because I have the same thing on my channel everyone go on. Frhler1977

  15. Paul schreef:

    I love how the Sulpher Crested one goes "I'm going over here……away from you" and then "That's close enough, weirdo."

  16. Poornima R schreef:

    Beautiful feathers of Moluccan cockatoo….adorable….????

  17. Lori Weaver schreef:

    Are they both Umbrella Cockatoo’s?

  18. Coby Eggenhuizen schreef:

    Zo leuk om te zien hij gaat helemaal los ?

  19. "Cockatoo loves Elvis"

    That's funny, because I heard that Elvis loved a cockatoo…

  20. Daniel Price schreef:

    The one on the left is me at any social occasion
    He looks like he could virtually yell out HELL NO PLEASE STOP I’M LEAVING

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