Coin For The Ferryman by Nickelback | Lyrics

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Nickelback’s new album, Feed The Machine was released (today) June 16, 2017, and I wanted to ensure lyric videos were accessible to everyone! Plus, making them for every song allowed me to learn them very quickly for release day!

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15 thoughts on “Coin For The Ferryman by Nickelback | Lyrics

  1. MisterBassBoost schreef:

    Lovely content! Keep it up!

  2. DrOfWelshMagic schreef:

    im not trolling you, just appreciating your efforts with a comment lol… great job

  3. Jordy Mares schreef:

    i love how the rock changes when he says a thousand Fahrenheit.

  4. Ruckus Rawson schreef:

    I don't really get the Nickelback hate train. They're not the best by any means, but they're not bad. (Chad is a bit arrogant for trying to start shit with Corey Taylor), but it's really sad so many people hate on them simply because people they know hate them

  5. Flamery Blurs schreef:

    Js but it's actually "keep the throttle to the bottle" that's what they wrote in the album.

  6. ankit prasad schreef:

    we're smoking dynamite!! I just love that chorus!!

  7. Fuck Chad, hes a dick, We all know that, but shit I'm a fucking dick too. It's just the way you are no matter what your good at… Him, vocals/band, me Wrenches!! Fuck it.

  8. Michael Caine schreef:

    Peaple hate them because there a fucking good band and I'm a slipknot and stone sour fan

  9. NTB_gaming schreef:

    Fav song of 2017!!!!!!!!

  10. NocturnMather schreef:

    dynmaite ??? wtf !? REALLY

  11. Zyania77 schreef:

    Nickelback is divine. F all you haters, all night and day long!

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