Coldplay – Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)

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Taken from the upcoming Kaleidoscope EP, out now (digital) / August 4 (CD & vinyl). Order the EP now:

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Directed by Mary Wigmore
Produced by Casey Byron
Executive Produced by Arts & Sciences
Art Direction by Andy Goldman
Cinematography by Peter Zuccarini
Edited by Sean Lagrange



34 thoughts on “Coldplay – Hypnotised (Official Lyric Video)

  1. Seth Nailer schreef:

    Coldplay,Maroon 5 and linkin park . They never get older 😀

  2. Giuseppe Spagna schreef:

    Video FANTASTICI e raffinati dei Cooldplay , senza cadere nella volgarità

  3. thanh nguyen schreef:

    you want to sing:

    Been rusting in the rubble
    Running to a faint
    Need a brand new coat of paint
    I found myself in trouble
    Thinking about what ain't
    Never gonna be a saint

    Saying float like an eagle
    Fall like the rain
    Pouring to put out the pain
    Oh again and again

    Now I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes
    Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I slip and I'm mesmerized

    It's easy to be lethal
    I'm learning from the news
    It's a guidebook for the blues
    Saying it's the very same steeple
    People want to choose
    They just see it from different views

    And threading the needle
    Fixing my flame
    Oh now I'm moved to exclaim
    Oh again and again

    How I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I trip, when I look in your eyes
    Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I lift and I'm mesmerized

    Oh again and again
    Now I'm hyp, hypnotised
    Yeah I lift to a permanent high
    Oh I'm hyp, hypnotised
    It was dark
    Now it's sunrise

  4. 이희성 schreef:

    Just love this song. Nothing else to say.

  5. Ryan J Koe schreef:

    that's sooooo beautiful song. I love this one. life is amazing ?

  6. Nanny Weaponds schreef:

    OMG this song is more beautiful!! ❤❤ . I love Coldplay, they given me inspiration and motivation in my life!

  7. Watherly schreef:

    Its just like a dream. Amazing

  8. Emine schreef:

    Where was this filmed?

  9. will23605 schreef:

    Música pra ficar CHAPADAÇO

  10. Sara Lash schreef:

    Ogni volta che l'ascolto, viaggio volando su ogni bellezza che la natura ci regala! Magica ❤️

  11. Gala As schreef:

    Это прекрасно!

  12. Radhav Bista schreef:

    I can clearly see complete uniqueness in Coldplay's songs.
    each and every songs are damn great, alwz,,,,,, manipulates my mind and takes me to another world.

    Long live COLDPLAY,,,♥♥♥♥

  13. Marcio Marques schreef:

    Essa música me traz um sentimento inexplicável, é como se estivesse feliz e triste ao mesmo tempo, mas lá no fundo me dar um ar de liberdade…

  14. Sana Mejri schreef:

    Just listening to this every f…g day before I sleep. An ear drug ….. Just magnificent makes me travel to another life…then sleep in peace ???? love from Tunisia ??????

  15. Gabriel silva schreef:

    6 meses se passaram e continuo hipnotizado por essa canção!

  16. Love you Coldplay from Indonesia:))

  17. jacy monte schreef:

    Fall like the rain
    Pouring in to put out the pain
    Oh, again and again
    Now I'm hyp, hypnotized
    Yeah, I trip when I look in your eyes….
    Minha preferida desse álbum!!

  18. Holy Mackerel schreef:

    Listened to "Remember" by Sarah McLachlan then "We are Free" from the gladiator movie with Russell Crowe and then this!

  19. Alexx Spirr schreef:

    When true artists full of love,imagination,skills meet that's the result.Coldplay ,Mary Wigmore,Casey Byron,Andy Goldman, Peter Zuccarini, Sean Lagrange you all HYPNOTIZED us.True love song straight to the hall of fame of all time,THANKS!!!

  20. deepfriedreeses schreef:

    Coldplay's knows to write some beautiful songs. Their music speaks to emotions. Their music has inspired me for the last 16 years. I say they are the best band ever.

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