Coldplay – True Love (Official Video)

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True Love is the third single from Coldplay’s new album Ghost Stories. Download CD

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund.



36 thoughts on “Coldplay – True Love (Official Video)

  1. Amoo este videoo… Desde Argentina …

  2. Philly man schreef:

    I only came here for Jessica Lucas

  3. code things schreef:

    Why their every song is underrated?

  4. Dirty Carpet schreef:

    reading through all the comments; noticing more positive comments than negative cx only coldplay can do this. On other vids ur gonna see more hate than positive

  5. shahab hassan schreef:

    Imagine not loving this song

  6. Ofek schreef:

    This is the only new Coldplay song (post Viva La Vida) that I really love, it's beautiful and resembles their older emotional rock ballads, unlike their kinda trashy new pop songs (in my opinion)

  7. Indra Rdz schreef:

    This Song Is Amazingly Beautiful..This Song And The Video Makes Me Cry Every Time..Thanks Cold Play For Making Magic With Your Music And Most Of All Sharing It With All Of Us.❤??

  8. This is such an innocent music video.

  9. multigladson schreef:

    oh my god oh my god oh my god chris like I REALLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  10. Floris Bordewijk schreef:

    This is definitely Coldplay's saddest song… It breaks my heart every time.

  11. HELLØ INTERNET schreef:

    I just want to give Chris a big hug :')

  12. AmSisodia schreef:

    Wow I truly loved it, it was so melting and yet subtly comic. Anything is possible, it is.

  13. Joel Phanter schreef:

    the greatest band in the world

  14. Wilson Duenas schreef:

    Does anyone listened carefully each word he expressed !.. it's a great song and melody that touch your souls!.. ? it did 2me!.. keep it up Chris Martín!.. hope you guys make more songs like this!.. 2k17

  15. Love Coldplay’s comment section it’s literally the nicest place on youtube

  16. Like si buscabas un comentario en español

  17. Pâmela Goularte schreef:

    Coldplay é a melhor banda do mundo ?

  18. Cindy Aletor schreef:

    This song brings tears to my eyes i love cold play 2017 still loving this song

  19. Benny Stanley schreef:

    New fave cold play song

  20. Piero C schreef:

    mi si escludeva !!!!!

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