CROSS GENE (크로스진) – White Mind [Han|Rom|Eng Color Coded Lyrics]

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This song is great.
I’m so hyped for their comeback


Bias: Yongseok
Biaswrecker: Shin and Takuya


Color Code:

-Shin: Green
-Sangmin: Orange
-Yongseok: Blue


No Copyright Infringement


Thanks for watchin’




Comments 30

  1. this concept is so original and I love the white ,black and combo version . I like how this one is really light and fluffy it suits the white concept and the black one is way darker and havier . The choreo is really good to I love everything about this comeback ?

  2. I do love this song, i herd it first time at a korean shop then i try to find the name of this song. OMG i wanna know cross gene more lol. And can i ask for Cross gene's fanclub name? And how can i follow them like twitter or instagram?

  3. soo my sister love kpop i love kpop till one day

    sister : mulyo go finished you homework before dinner okay?

    me : im currently working on it

    then my sister opens the door ans caught me watching this music.

    sister : is that Cross gene

    me : probably ?

    sister : dont worry i will never told mom about this

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