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22 thoughts on “Dangerously – Charlie Puth (Lyrics) | Flighthouse

  1. Minecraft A schreef:

    Heyyyy ? im surprised its 54 sec before ?

  2. Sasha Gillim schreef:

    I'm just gonna tell the truth right now…. I'm not first and I never am?

  3. Olaf11120 schreef:

    Hey bitte komi liken danke❤️

  4. Saniww GT schreef:

    i just love all flighthouse's Remixes ??

  5. Ko Bokyung schreef:

    before 500 views :))

  6. betty hernandez schreef:

    If u r reading this have a fun day

  7. LB Wizard schreef:

    does somebody think the same thing as me that Charlie puth is the best singer

  8. Death Fairy schreef:

    truly amazing? pls make more

  9. Nani Flores schreef:

    I was waiting for this remix so baddd omg

  10. Aha cba schreef:

    Can you do I need your love by the voice please the full version

  11. OMG FLIGHTHOUSE SONGS ARE SO GUUDDD if u saw this text flighthouse, reply "Yesh".?

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