41 thoughts on “David Bowie – Modern Love

  1. SansGamer 54 schreef:


  2. -M G R- schreef:

    What a beautiful duwang

  3. Tiago Ferreira schreef:

    Am I the only one still earing this in 2017?

  4. dominick corman schreef:

    The man who never stopped inviting himself we should all be that lucky. Miss him so much

  5. sally smith schreef:

    classic bowie
    ??you are missed ?

  6. carriere 29 schreef:

    bien haut , au dessus de la melée !!!

  7. sharpasaneraser schreef:

    (Just under the bass/drum driven intro) “I forgot to tie my tie…I forgot to tie my tie….I forgot to tie my tie”

  8. Neff DeathWatch schreef:

    Legend no he always was and will be a legend. Never Wave bye bye see you soon brother

  9. It'sJexity schreef:

    Man, just love this song so much! David Bowie, you were and always will be a legend. RIP. Dead but not forgotten.

  10. Ariana Sapaico schreef:

    its a good song i like it

  11. Lily Savins schreef:

    RIP Bowie, the Starman

  12. Javier Calvo schreef:

    Intemporal como el cosmos dentro de 10.000 años seguirá vivo y recordado como lo que fue en está dimensión una criatura única e irrepetible.

  13. gabu 87 schreef:


  14. Logan Stroganoff schreef:

    idk why but for some reason I always imagine andre3000 remaking this.i normally hate remakes but I feel like that would be fire…

  15. ediesmiles1 schreef:

    This Classic makes me feel a kind a way? RIP Bowie??????❤️❤️

  16. Un año mas de tu partida mi chino este dia te lo dedicó

  17. Jordi Santos schreef:

    De cuandoen los 80s el glam y el rock hacían el cross-over hacia el pop mainstream …

  18. JupiterJulia schreef:

    Wowwww, he looked so good here.

  19. William Palkow schreef:

    So what persona is this supposed to be?

  20. justdave dean schreef:

    My favorite drum sound of any recording. That snare is just so perfect.

  21. Joe k schreef:

    Why does it take someone to die to TRULY appreciate how amazing they were.

  22. Tim Ward schreef:

    grew up with hearing his music from my late older brother seen him life got most albums the man is a legend god rest his soul the best .

  23. Sem dúvidas um dos maiores cantores de todos os tempos

  24. Único, grande, hermoso para siempre R.I.P.

  25. Edwin Tarquino schreef:

    Barrionuevo fue papa, por atras, atras

  26. Procommenter schreef:

    You must have a baby. Pregnancy will align your priorities and provide for you a stake in the future, genetically.

  27. Ger Her schreef:

    Ah Sweet Prince, no doubt you are rocking the skies!!!

  28. Lucia L. schreef:

    Dynasty anyone? ❤

  29. Sean Coleman schreef:

    love this guy ,mr cool himself rip david bowie sadely missed and thank you

  30. Scott M schreef:

    My intro to David Bowie as a 13 year old fan.

  31. Incredible orchestration. Love love love this song!!!!

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