Demi Lovato – You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore Lyrics

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Demi Lovato


demi lovato you dont do it for me anymore lyrics



30 thoughts on “Demi Lovato – You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore Lyrics

  1. SupremeSounds schreef:

    Hope you enjoy this brand new song from Demi Lovato's upcoming album!

  2. Rebeca Dantas schreef:

    This song has such a powerful message!
    Thank you so much for teaching us how to stay strong through music, Demi.
    WE LOVE YOU <3

  3. dallycraze schreef:

    Demi how u just gonna lay these vocals like this bitch? U got me fucked up -_- I was not expecting her to do this yassss bitch

  4. Lara Lori schreef:

    I don't like it no hate

  5. Marjo's Music schreef:

    Wow!!! OMG Demi is such a QUEEN ?! These vocals are INSANE!! How she goes from head voice to chest vocals. And at the end she just hit those high ''you-ou-ou" notes in her chest vocals ?!

    Can't wait for the video clip ???

  6. JW VEVO schreef:

    Reminds me of Stone Cold

  7. Si sigue así logrará el registro silbido ♡♡♡♡♡

  8. michelle Fenty schreef:

    Chills chill chills chills
    Damn Gosh , her voice gets better every year
    Thank you for the lyrics

  9. Omg… I'm blown away~ ಥ_ಥ

  10. tina x schreef:

    Easy for someone like Demi who's come out of the other side of years of dealing with depression to say "money won't fix your problems" and "stop feeling bad for yourself", bitch needs to humble herself because she was once that person and without that "money" she would never have been able to get rehab help.

  11. mi ra schreef:

    Demi and Zayn in one song.. OMG that would be a dream come true !!

  12. Roxanne Marie schreef:

    When i first clicked on this i thought i played dangerous woman by ari, then it sounded ike Father by her. Tf?

  13. Steph Steph schreef:

    Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………………………damnnnnnnnnnn…..i got chills!! Can't wait to see her perform this live……..❤❤

  14. Carly Cruz schreef:

    Sounds like Stone Cold and Dangerous Woman.

  15. Shania Marsidin schreef:

    Tell me again why selenas more famous than her?

  16. Aminah Alhamid schreef:

    This actually remind me of Dangerous Woman

  17. Beya D schreef:

    Ariana grande – dangerous? is that u?

  18. Janay Blakely schreef:

    love it!

    does Sam smith have a writer credit on this? it just is giving me Sam's vibe but I love them both

  19. Chloe Nix schreef:

    Why does she have to sing so amazing.

  20. perla segura schreef:

    this song made me cry every time i listened to it!

  21. Yeimi Chan schreef:

    por fin alguien con musica de calidad… <3

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