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DIE ANTWOORD presents: the “Love Drug” lyric video handmade by Ninja + ¥o-landi. New single, “Love Drug,” out now: https://dieantwoord.lnk.to/lovedrugYD. Enter the contest to win one of the pages from the lyric book: http://smarturl.it/dieantwoord_contest.

‘Love Drug’ is the 1st single off DIE ANTWOORD’S final album:
‘The Book Of Zef’



44 thoughts on “DIE ANTWOORD – LOVE DRUG (Lyric video)

  1. Ты прикинь блэт сколько этот альбом с годами стоить будет!

  2. Mrs Laidlaw schreef:

    people really like this, interesting very interesting…

  3. Die Antwoord is coming to the Civic Center on September 2nd 2017 and my husband and I are going and I can't wait!!!! this will be our second time we will see them in concert…
    last year September 21st my husband and I saw them at Bill Graham Civic Center here in downtown San Francisco and it was amazing!!!! to anybody that has a slight chance to be able to go see them I highly recommend you do it and any amount of money you may spend in order to go see them is well worth every penny and then some!!!! it would be so great to figure out how to meet them someday cuz they also seem like real and down-to-earth kind of folks that even with Fame would probably be a little more comfortable and a little easier to talk to and meet and greet then other famous people and bands…
    who knows I could be wrong but that's the feeling I get at least and my husband and I look very forward to anything and everything else they might come out with because so far every single song and every single album we listen to We have not yet heard a song that we didn't like!!! that's very rare with musicians and bands and we also love there other projects that they do and short mini movies and Etc… very glad that after 20 years of trying and trying they finally got their discovery and fame and money they more than deserve and I truly am happy for them because they worked hard for everything they've done and have and they should be looked at as role models for others that are also talented that shouldn't give up either because after 20 years they finally made it!!! as i hit ths bowl of budz; this nxt toke is in honor of them!! cheers 2 die antwoord!!!✌?????????????

  4. Theklowee schreef:

    How much for the book

  5. Adrielly P schreef:

    Honesty if I ever getting married I want the DJ to play this. And if my husband/wife don't want this, we shouldn't get married.

  6. Отто Лис schreef:

    Мне показалось, что поётся "Jolanda love drugs"

  7. Em C schreef:

    I need more coffee!!!

  8. praying for a Cody Culp edit with this song.

  9. Ricardo Soriano schreef:

    ughhhhh that part at the end tho!!!!!!!

  10. Ricardo Soriano schreef:

    ughhhhh that part at the end tho!!!!!!!

  11. Marcus Hunter schreef:

    I love die antwoord. The majority of their songs are fresh, warm, and buttery biscuits. Unfortunately, this song is stale bread.

  12. 2506INF schreef:

    Despite two major Hollywood names, ¥o-landi is the sole standout character in CHAPPIE carrying the premise, the plot, and the action.

  13. oblama is here schreef:

    this particular song of theirs reminds me of mindless self indulgence

  14. KELSIB WELLS schreef:

    When I first noticed you I really didn't want to like you now your music is like a drug where have you been all my life you are …I'm speechless incredible that's all I can muster right now thank you for being here
    Breath of fresh air love it

  15. Steven Perez schreef:

    What makes this their videos so great is they are all their art and their unique style.

  16. Stephanie Warren schreef:

    They're just fokking embarrasing now

  17. StarFox schreef:

    "Let's fuck it up, let's break shit, let's mothafuckin party! You so fucking cool, you so fun!
    Let's do what daddy did to mommy to get me!"

    YESSS ❤

  18. Marcos Vinnicius schreef:


  19. Karley Sheahan schreef:

    You so fucking cool you so fun !

  20. Rat schreef:

    Who disliked this?

  21. Raviol De Crema schreef:

    Yor Love ?
    Is Like Drug ?
    I'm So Addicted! ?
    U Got Me
    And It Feels
    So God ?

  22. Destiny Martinez schreef:

    I'm here for Ninjas Handwriting

  23. Kylie Marsh schreef:

    So cute they have matching RATZ RULE tattoos.

  24. joshua lemond schreef:

    That was awesome great song and cool ass video

  25. Milan Hauser schreef:

    mey sister i here you place cam to germani i will jou see

  26. Milan Hauser schreef:

    mami und dady sind dofffffffffff

  27. mcr broke up schreef:

    3:27 (and before that ) liKE HOW DOES HE WRITE LIKE THAT LIKE DAMN i cant even cursive dude Yolandis mans has got it all

  28. Oliver Gore schreef:

    Zef Side, The word zef is an Afrikaans slang word which roughly translates as "common", with connotations of "uncool", "disgusting", "gross" and/or "trashy" in Afrikaans. Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord is quoted as saying, "It's associated with people who "supe" their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you're poor but you're fancy. You're poor but you're sexy, you've got style.

  29. Laraa B schreef:

    Alguien de Argentina que ame esta cancion?

  30. skud9999 schreef:

    If I could have anything for Christmas it would definitely be that sketchbook. Well that and a tattoo of Yolandi eating a bowl of fruit loops in a pink bunny onsie on my chest.

  31. Fiona B. schreef:

    Where is this in Spotify???‍♀️

  32. Karaio die antwoord é mt fodaa!!!

  33. Let's all take writing classes from ninja

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