Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) [LYRICS VIDEO]

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33 thoughts on “Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K) [LYRICS VIDEO]

  1. GoViralGames HD schreef:

    Thnx Diviners! With this song i've got a 10 for singing!

  2. tammy schreef:


  3. Macs Opinion schreef:

    Love this song so much you lot, Glad i found your channel keep up the great work, Hope you get another big hit soon!

  4. Diandra Fanus schreef:

    1 year, 32k views, 8 dislikes

  5. sandorz rajulin schreef:

    Gr8 lyrics!!! Marvellous song!!!

  6. Hugo Fernandes schreef:

    The beste música ever

  7. shintaro kiyan schreef:

    savannah is (beautiful)

  8. Chris Barton schreef:

    Love your music! ❤ Are u from Poland?? Polska pozdrawia ?

  9. Jarell Tamonte schreef:

    My Favorite?. Please make a Video?

  10. congratulations i a very beautiful song

  11. EpixxGU Anims schreef:

    Duuuddeee Fuck This Shit It soooo goooooodd

  12. LiZarD - Blob schreef:

    Wow man what a beautiful song man?????
    Its weird that all of your songs are so chill and they give me a sexy summer vibe im definatley using this one in my next video ?? im a big fan 😉

  13. THIEN NGUYEN schreef:

    These songs make me feel how we are destroying the planet… and makes me cry (in a happily way)

  14. Emiliano schreef:

    Incredible song i really love it.

  15. Trap Destiny schreef:

    F*ck Kygo, Diviners better!

  16. GDM tv schreef:

    I love your song <3

  17. FreZzyBiceps schreef:

    Diviners i love you i dont know how to show you my feelings. i love your vibes <3 much love from Europe

  18. xNeilves TM schreef:

    dacie napisy piosenki slucham godzinami <33 cała polska pozdrawia, a i gratuluje promocji do NCS 🙂

  19. Nova YT schreef:

    ? I can't stop re playing it!

  20. Elayad schreef:

    I love this this never get old xd

  21. Bukan Turis schreef:

    2017 handsup??

  22. CroClasher schreef:

    You are god damn kings!! Finally someone made a song about nature! God bless you guys you're the best! You got a Subscribe from me! :))))

  23. HiddenGHOST schreef:

    I know there is a 0.000001 percent chance the diviners will see this, but my mom just past. Ive listened to your music for a couple years now, and I now for some reason i feel a connection behind this song and my mom. I have always wanted to make music with you guys, but that won't happen either (this is DEFINATELY NOT a pity plead). I just wanted you guys to know that this song helps me get over my mom's passing. Much love From England.

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