38 thoughts on “Drake – Find Your Love

  1. IMissMyAcog Rip schreef:

    Can y’all stop say “who listening in 2017 or whatever year it’s so annoying and dumb because everyone dose it

  2. Kira's Gamez schreef:

    Damn it's been 7 years… Just like it was yesterday when this came out

  3. Leslie Cortez schreef:

    You used to drive me crazy listening to this, now you've been gone 4 months and I listen everyday. RIP MY LOVE RIP. I LOVE YOU LESLIE!!!!!

  4. Gaelle schreef:

    Who's listening to this in 2018 old but gold

  5. GROGGYMORNING4ME schreef:

    I better find your muffin, I better find it hot

  6. Sarkley Kawaii schreef:

    When i heard this song without the video i thought it was chris brown ?

  7. Taylor Polite schreef:

    When you play this song because your feelings getting played with

  8. Aria M. schreef:

    this song<33333333333333333

  9. Soncere Deloach schreef:

    Who listening in December 2017

  10. Elias Mejia schreef:

    still listening in 2018

  11. Silvia M schreef:

    When this song came out I was sosososo heart broken by my ex!!!It feels when you can cry over and over and you know it was not cuz of you!

  12. This was music everyone grew up with

  13. skull candy schreef:

    Who's listening to this in 2018

  14. Ivan Rudakubana schreef:

    Lol when a side nigga catches feelings

  15. M. Clark schreef:

    This will never play out with me!

  16. hunterxo schreef:

    Jan 1st, 2018 gang where u at?? ?

  17. Kay Parker schreef:


  18. Alex Estrella schreef:

    This song is old bu this song is old but it’s still ?????????????

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