DUMBO 2019 – Main Theme / Soundtrack ( by Fyrosand )


DUMBO 2019 – Main Theme / Soundtrack ( by Fyrosand )

Original Soundtrack creation I composed for the Tim Burton movie “Dumbo” ( so this is NOT the official soundtrack of the movie ).
You can purchase and download my music here : https://fyrosandmusiccomposer.bandcamp.com
Created on Logic Pro X + Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra / Symphonic Choirs / Hollywood Orchestra / Ra / Stormdrum 2 / Ministry of Rock 2.

Thanks to Simeon Janssens for the Introduction Logo and the ending artwork.
His website : https://www.instagram.com/simsimdoodles/?fbclid=IwAR0ZTgt3cO7X_LCoQhbsJOJ51cWWF0Rzsf8bDYE_XsivY9ggbQy40K9Pjuc



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