Echosmith – Dear World [Lyric Video]

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Echosmith – Dear World [Lyric Video] Listen Now:
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Directed by Abandon Building

Produced by 3oni and abandonbuilding

Stop Motion Animations: Julie A. Fauxe
Arts, Crafts, and Designs: Julie A. Fauxe, Tasha Fauxe, Kristen Yarrington
Special thanks to Ranen and Starling
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35 thoughts on “Echosmith – Dear World [Lyric Video]

  1. Sam Galloway schreef:

    This is my favorite song of yours now. This song is incredible! I've been obsessed with it and I listen to it at least twice in a row because I just love it so much.

  2. Chuah Kor Sing schreef:

    Great song! I'm eternally your fan. Loves from Malaysia. ?

  3. Hayley xu schreef:

    thank you for this song <3 It's so beautiful!!!

  4. Andy Luo schreef:

    Wish YouTube would let me like more than once ?

  5. This song is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Liz schreef:

    Reminds me of Taylor Swift's Speak Now era ?

  7. Miguel Lameiro schreef:

    Congratulations all sounds amazing… one more good job Tony

  8. Fannn schreef:


  9. I understand artists feel the need to stay mainstream and go more pop and they themselves understand the pros and cons but this is simply beautiful! Even if the rest of the album is not like this song, thank you for giving at least one song that has no electronic sound effects. The sound this song projects is just so meaningful and develops a sense of vulnerability.

  10. Liam Munholand schreef:

    Dear God,

    This song is beautiful. It is evidence that there are positive influences in this world. Wish it was longer. Thank you Echosmith for the creativity and smooth harmonizing on this track.

  11. Simply Natalie schreef:

    I love the message this song conveys. ☺☺☺ I'm really glad that you guys are back! ☺

  12. This needs to be played at my high school graduation

  13. rakistang kikay schreef:

    I'm getting emotional with this song…this is just beautifully made ? another amazing song from Echosmith

  14. WileyCoyote69 schreef:

    Kind of sounds like a Weepies song (which is a really good thing to sound like). Great job!

  15. dandin3perez schreef:

    damn. thats a nice song

  16. Alex Gaming schreef:

    I come from the hip hop/rap dimension and I still think it's kinda good

  17. MJ Dasgupta schreef:

    The only thing I don't like are those dislikes!! ??

  18. Ximena Martinez schreef:

    Me gustaría verlos algún día por México. Son maravillosos y me gustaría algún día poder abrazarlos. Los quiero, muchísimo. ❤?

  19. Arvind Singhal schreef:

    Echosmith: Very powerful song!!! Keep up the fantastic work you are doing!!!! Love you guys!!!!

  20. bluetown schreef:

    What a beautiful song to the World ❤️

  21. howthis schreef:

    I'm so glad I've found this band two years ago… they are singing my feelings out… it's just too real

  22. Sebastian McCall schreef:

    Que música maravilhosa <33

  23. Robytza Boy schreef:

    Nice song, good for sleeping 🙂

  24. Luna Pullman schreef:

    well the lyrics are almost invisible but i still like it HAHAHA.

  25. Sania Zubair schreef:

    It makes me so mad that how much underrated splendid music there is and you know what shit people like? Wild Thoughts. I think this song is what we need to listen and not listen to fucking Rihanna saying nakey nakey nakey what the fuck ever man this song just breaks my heart and goddamn good job Echosmith i mean i cried at Goodbye for days and now imma go shut my room's door that my mom left open so duly and cry about this song for days

  26. Maycol Andrés schreef:

    y de repente un salvaje comentario en español aparece :3

  27. Lily Kate schreef:

    New favorite song, brought me to tears

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