Evanescence-My Immortal lyrics

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  1. I lost my grandparents a few weeks ago…
    They were coming to the age and they both died in each other's arms.
    It's been said that my grandma died first, and then my grandfather panicked and hugged her while the ambulance came. ??

    I hope they have a great time in heaven. ????

  2. and it is real sad cause this is my best friend and she is like a sister to me and she passed away from a crash with her mom and dog and i had to sing this at her funeral because. it was her fav song and I didn't get through half the song and I just busted out crying and everybody there said that my voice was beautiful and so after I got home I did not stop crying for 3 days ?????????

  3. I would also like to offer a place to cry, hurt, feel anything about anything, I have been near the very end of what was my life, Mostly Misery!! Have lost loved ones, been where a lot of you are now.. kinda like NOWHERE.. One night was so close to just saying too tired to even blink! Looked over at the Bible I had as a little girl and thought , one more thing I'll try, screamed up to God and begged for Anything.. surprisingly I felt a soft and calm feeling come over my heart and have never felt that pain I had again! ❤️ So I am hear if you need a place where someone cares.. for Real, I will do what I can to let you spill your heart and never judge.. that is nobody's right! Everyone needs someone…?

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